A paintball barrel can make a huge difference in how your gun looks, and barrels are usually pretty affordable, making them one of the most popular paintball gun upgrades out there.

The best paintball barrels can improve accuracy, lower the sound of the shot, and add length so you can hide better as a sniper.

Some specialty paintball marker barrels can even make the shot longer or curve the path of the paintball.

Are you ready to see the 13 best paintball barrels reviewed?

Let’s go!

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TOP 13 Best Paintball Barrels of 2024

A great paintball barrel can increase accuracy, make your paintball marker quieter, and give it a custom look that makes it your own.

So don’t wait! Upgrade your marker, you will be glad you did.

Freak XL Aluminum Barrel Insert Kit

The Freak XL barrel system is one of the most popular paintball marker upgrades out there.

The Freak XL Barrel kit includes 8 color coded inserts made from aircraft-grade aluminum, a barrel back and a 14” freak straight ported tip.

These inserts allow you to perfectly match the paint size, or overbore & underbore, if that is your thing.

This kit is easy to carry in your gear bag and has just about every size bore insert you might need. Having this kit means you will not need to lug around all the matching barrel backs to match paint again.

These inserts are 8 inches long, so the paintball travels longer inside the insert, offering better efficiency and consistency.


  • New Freak XL has longer 8 inch control bores for better consistency.
  • Includes the 14” Freak straight ported tip.
  • This model fits all autococker guns.
  • .679, .682, .684, .687, .689, .691, .693, and .695. bore size inserts.


  • Expensive.


The most popular interchangeable bore and barrel kit for paintball markers.

Deadlywind Fibur X8 Carbon Fiber Main Barrel

Carbon fiber barrels are so much lighter than standard out of the box barrels. Carbon fiber barrels are lighter than stainless steel or aluminum and they are super strong.

This Deadlywind Fibur X8 is compatible with the Freak XL barrel system, and you can use it with whatever marker you have, you just need to purchase an adaptor that fits your threads.

The barrel is smooth, it shoots straight and it’s a high quality, well-made barrel you are going to love.


  • Fits the Freak XL 8 inch barrel inserts.
  • Ultra-lightweight.
  • Consistent and accurate shots.


  • Need to buy the adapter to fit your threads.


Nice lightweight barrel that accepts Freak XL inserts. One of the best paintball barrels of 2024.

BT Paintball Tippmann A5 Apex Barrel

The Apex barrel is the bomb, literally. This barrel allows you to throw the ball at a curve, or dive bomb your opponent. How cool is that? Plus it has a ramp switch up top that allows you to adjust the ramp up speed.

The front of the barrel turns, allowing you to adjust the curve trajectory of your paintball. The curve creates spin on your paintball so your shots can curve around things.


  • Helps the paintball go farther.
  • Places a curve on the paintballs path.
  • Allows you to dive bomb opponents.


  • Extra distance creates less accuracy.


The APEX barrel is certainly one of the most unique barrels out there and it will get you EXTRA distance and place a curve on your paintball path.

HK Army XV Barrel Kit Autococker

This high-end barrel kit by HK Army is one you will love. It comes with a quality dual zippered protective case, a two piece barrel consisting of a 6 inch front and three 9 inch barrel backs, plus the 2 accent rings.

This barrel is about 15 inches long altogether, which is a nice length. The material is aluminum, so you know this barrel is light.

Best of all, It shoots straight and accurate, ball after ball.


  • Includes three barrel backs of .689, .685, .681.
  • 15 inch total length.
  • Includes a nice case to throw in you gear bag.


  • Only for autococker threaded markers.


Light and attractive, the HK Army barrel kit is a favorite.

Custom Products 14 Paintball Barrel

This budget barrel will give you a slight edge on accuracy and make your marker a bit quieter. But where it really shines is the length. At 14 inches, you will be able to hide a little better in the bush and sneak up on your opponents without giving away your position.

Of course, it also makes your paintball marker look good for a small price, and that’s a bonus.


  • Very affordable.
  • Ideal 14 inch length.
  • Adds a little accuracy and muffles the shot sound a bit.


  • Only fits autococker threaded paintball markers.


Best budget barrel! Most accurate paintball barrel in this price range.

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DeadlyWind Null Carbon Fiber Paintball Barrel

This ingenious DeadlyWind Null Carbon fiber ONE piece barrel has a clever design. It is hone bored, from .684 tapering to .688 at the tip to cover most paint diameters out there.

It is very affordable for a carbon fiber barrel. Its lightweight, adds accuracy, and makes your marker quieter.


  • One piece 14 inch carbon fiber barrel.
  • Bored to .684 tapering to a .688.
  • Extremely light. Much lighter than aluminum.


  • Be careful to buy the version that is the correct thread match to your marker.


Excellent performance, easy to use and install, carbon fiber one piece barrel at a GREAT price.

Tippmann Sniper Barrel

The Tippmann Sniper is the best paintball barrel for accuracy for the Tippmann A-5 and X7.

This barrel is perfect for stealth woodsball sniping!

For starters, it fits in perfectly with Tippmann shrouds, so you can accessorize your gun easily.

Secondly, its matte black finish makes it harder to see. Third, it adds accuracy and makes your gun a little quieter. And fourth, it adds length so you can hide well in the bush and poke the sniper barrel out while staying concealed.


  • Available in 14 inch, 16 inch and 20 inch.
  • Made from strong durable aluminum.
  • Nice Matte finish.


  • Only fits A-5 and X7 threaded paintball guns.


Best sniper rifle barrel for the A-5 paintball in terms of looks and performance.

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Tippmann Pathfinder Barrel

The Tippmann Pathfinder barrels are a little different from the Tippmann Sniper barrels. It has less porting than the sniper barrel, which really helps the paintballs fly.

It offers a more authentic MilSim look, and still adds a little accuracy, just like the sniper rifle.

It is perfect for woodsball and goes with any gun that is A-5 threaded.


  • A-5 Threaded.
  • 14 inch one piece barrel.
  • Long range barrel, designed for increasing distance.


  • Not as quiet as other barrels, not much porting.
  • A-5 threaded barrels only.


Clean, matte finish make this Pathfinder barrel great for a realistic MilSim paintball gun.

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DYE Precision GF Boomstick Barrel

This Glass Fiber DYE Boomstick barrel is 15 inch length. This is the high-end barrel from Dye is made from a 303 surgical stainless steel inner and a fiberglass outer. It is light and durable at the same time.

This barrel is PERFECT for speedball thanks to its bright clear snazzy colors and smooth performance DYE is known for.

Note, this barrel is for Autococker threaded paintball markers only.


  • 5 oz total weight, super light.
  • Two piece barrel, 15 inch length.
  • Stainless steel backs with a .688 bore size.


  • Paint must fit the .688 bore size, or you need to use a different barrel.


This DYE Glass Fiber is one of the best looking, most accurate paintball barrels out there.

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Empire Paintball Driver XX Barrel

The Empire Driver XX paintball barrel is a two piece 14 inch paintball barrel. It is bored to .688, but since it is a two piece barrel, the front is compatible with other Empire barrel backs and bore sizes.

The best thing about this barrel is that it makes your shot much quieter, which is what you want if you are a sniper.

It fits all Planet Eclipse guns, and all markers that are autococker threaded.


  • Decreases the sound of your shots.
  • Bored fat .688, but front is compatible with other Empire backs of different bore sizes.
  • 14 inch total length.


  • For autococker threaded markers only.


Good looking barrel that will make your autococker threaded paintball marker quieter.

GOG Paintball Freak Jr Barrel Kit

The Freak Jr barrel kit offers some of the functionality of the freak XL kit, at a lower price. It only includes 3 barrel backs and a less flashy, simpler looking barrel back and tip.

The inserts the same as the inserts in the Freak XL barrel kit, it’s just that only two inserts are included in this kit and the barrel itself is plainer looking, in my opinion.


  • 689, .691 & .693 bore inserts.
  • Freak Jr 14 inch Tip and freak Jr back.
  • Less expensive than the freak XL kit.


  • For GOG / Smartparts threaded guns only.


Less expensive Freak kit to match your paint size perfectly and add length over a custom barrel.

Proto Paintball Autococker Thread Barrel

The Proto Paintball one piece barrel is one of the cheapest and BEST investments you can make for your autococker paintball gun.

It is a one piece, so it’s easy to install, it’s affordable, it extends your gun because it is a 14 inch barrel, it is made from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum, it looks good and makes you marker more accurate and quieter.

However, it is bored at .690 for relatively large paintballs.


  • Easy one piece construction fits any autococker threaded gun.
  • Excellent price.
  • Made from lightweight, high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum.


  • .690 bore is for larger paintballs.


A cheap and effective way to quickly upgrade your autococker threaded paintball marker.

Tippmann A5 X7 J&J Ceramic Sniper Barrel

The Tippmann Ceramic sniper barrel is an aluminum barrel with a ceramic/Teflon coating. This surface creates a smooth, slick barrel for your paintball to blast through.

This is lighter than stock barrels and has a nice sniper rifle barrel length of 20 inches. It has a matte finish so it’s harder to see in the brush, and is long enough to allow you to hide and still shoot.


  • Self-cleaning barrel.
  • Super smooth slick surface, won’t break balls.
  • Stealth matte finish, perfect for snipers.
  • Decreases sound and increase accuracy.


  • A-5 threaded markers only.


An excellent Tippmann sniper rifle barrel that is quite long and shoots paintballs brilliantly.

Tippmann is one of the most well-known brands for paintball guns when it comes to woodsball and MilSim style guns. Want to see more top paintball brands? Here are a few of the best paintball brands still operating today.

Buying Guide to the Best Paintball Barrels

How to choose a paintball barrel? What factors to keep in mind before buying a paintball barrel?

paintball player in goggle mask aiming with marker gun

You Must Know Your Paintball Gun Threads

There are about 5 common or popular style of paintball gun threads, but autococker threads are the most common.

Be sure you know what thread your gun has. The type of threading the barrel has decides which type of barrel you can get for your gun.

Note: if you get the wrong thread, the barrel will not screw on to your paintball gun because the thread patterns do not match. This is basic, and most ballers know this, but it is worth mentioning that this is the most important thing you should know before you buy a barrel.

Here are the most popular paintball barrel thread sizes. Note: This list is NOT exhaustive.

Autococker Threads (AC Threads):

Common autoccoker paintball markers:

  • Dye Markers
  • Proto Markers
  • Azodin markers
  • Dangerous Power Markers
  • Empire markers
  • Planet Eclipse Markers

Tippmann A-5:

Common A-5 threaded markers:

  • Tippmann A-5
  • Tippmann X-7
  • Cronus
  • Gryphon
  • Phenom

Tippmann 98 Thread:

Common Custom 98 threaded markers:

  • Tippmann Custom 98
  • Alpha Black
  • Project Salvo
  • Sierra One
  • Bravo one

Ion (Smart Parts, Impulse) Thread:

Common Ion threaded markers:

  • All Luxe models
  • GOG Markers
  • Smart Parts Markers

Spyder Threads:

Common Spyder threaded markers:

  • Spyder Victor
  • All Spyder Markers
  • All Kingman Markers

man with paintball marker playing paintball

You Must Know the Parts of a Barrel: Paintball Barrel Components in a Nutshell

Two Part Barrels

Two piece barrels, as the name implies, have two pieces, a barrel back and a barrel front.

Pretty basic, right?

Well, it gets more complicated.

The barrel back is what determines the barrel bore size. You can vary the barrel back you use, depending on the size of paintball you are using.

If you don’t want to change the back each time, and you use many different paint sizes, you might want to pick up inserts, which I will talk about in a minute.

One piece Barrels

One piece barrels are simple. They are all one piece and the bore is usually consistent.


Some one piece barrels are tapered, meaning the bore is larger on the thread end, and tapers down toward the tip.

A one piece barrel is usually less expensive, and if you only ever use one size of paint, they are the economical choice.

Barrel Inserts

Barrel inserts like the Freak XL Aluminum Barrel Insert Kit have several different bore size inserts you can use instead of changing the barrel back.

The kits are pricy, but they are more convenient than carrying a ton of barrel backs in your gear bag. If you use several different paint brands, or play in different weather conditions, an barrel insert kit may be what you need.

man holding paintball marker and playing woodsball

Ideal Length of Your Paintball Marker Barrel

The most common length for after-market or custom barrels are 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch and 20 inch.

You might wonder, what is the best length barrel to get for my paintball marker?

Well, to start will, the longer the barrel is, the more you will need to increase the gas pressure of your marker. Increasing the pressure leads to a louder shot, more kick which decreases accuracy, and more paint breaks.

Not to mention, increasing pressure uses more gas.

On the other hand, longer barrels can be much quieter, especially stainless steel and aluminum barrels with plenty of porting.

This is purely my opinion, but I think the benefits of increased accuracy and consistency of a custom barrel begin to drop off after about 14 or 15 inches. I believe this is why SO many high-end markers for both woodsball and speedball come stock with 14 inch barrels.

That is just my belief, but it is what it is.

If you want a longer barrel for the look, or to help you hide better in the woods, go for it, try it out and make your own judgments.

Material Matters! Carbon Fiber, Aluminum or Stainless Steel?

Carbon Fiber:

Carbon fiber is a really attractive material. It is very light weight and reasonably durable.


A barrel that is too light will kick more with each shot, which could affect the accuracy a little.

Carbon fiber barrels have less porting because the fiber cannot take too many holes without pieces falling out.

Carbon fiber is a thin material, so it can be louder. Just like the walls of a cheap apartment, where you can hear your neighbors through the thin walls, the walls of carbon fiber are not thick and transmit sound more than stainless steel or aluminum.


Aluminum paintball barrels are really strong. Aluminum is a durable material, while remaining lightweight.

Aluminum barrels are also thicker than carbon fiber, plus they can have many porting holes, so they can really reduce sound.

Aluminum is an extremely popular material for custom and high-end paintball barrels.

Stainless Steel:

Stainless steel is the heaviest material for paintball barrels.


Stainless steel causes the least drag on the paintball and that means better accuracy.

Stainless steel is strong and durable and can take a beating. That’s why popular MilSim and woodsball paintball guns are made from stainless steel.


The added weight of stainless steel means less kick, which can actually help with accuracy.

Overall, stainless steel paintball barrels have many benefits, except they are heavier.

man in paintball area holding his paintball gun

Paintball Barrel FAQs

Do paintball barrels make a difference?

Yes, paintball barrels make a difference in terms of aesthetics and performance. They make your gun look better and give a slight performance boost.


Paintball barrels can increase accuracy.

For example, the stainless steel of the DYE Precision GF Boomstick Barrel.

Causes less drag on the ball, plus the weight of the stainless steel causes the gun to kick back less, both factors which make the shot more accurate.

Noise dampening

Stainless steel and aluminum barrels with plenty of porting make the best noise muffling barrels. The thicker material helps muffle the sound and the ports allow gas to escape.

A great, budget-priced noise muffling barrel is the Proto Paintball Thread Barrel.


Apex barrels like the BT Paintball Tippmann A5 – Apex barrel can cause the paintball to travel farther. However, longer-range usually translates to worse accuracy.

Does a longer paintball barrel increase accuracy?

A longer barrel will only increase accuracy to an extent. And the ideal length is about 14 inches, after that the accuracy gains drop off.

Here are the big factors that affect accuracy:

Reducing kick

Reducing the guns “kick”. A heavier barrel, like a stainless steel barrel will actually help reduce kick. Since the kick causes movement, it can decrease accuracy.

Paint quality

Using paint that is high quality, and FRESH, is the biggest factor in accuracy. Low quality paint is less consistent in size and may have dimples or other imperfections and may not be perfectly round.

Quality paint that is fresh will be more perfectly round and have far fewer imperfections, making its travel out of the barrel a much smoother ride, leading to a more accurate shot.

What is the most common paintball bore size?

Truth be told, paintballs have been getting smaller over the years. So the answer may vary. But as of the writing of this article, .685 is certainly one of the most popular bore sizes today.

That’s why .684 barrels and inserts are so common. That’s why the Freak XL Aluminum Barrel Insert Kit has a .684 insert, so you can underbore just slightly the .685 size paintballs.

What bore size paintball barrel is the best?

The best bore size is the bore size that matches your barrel.

But the most POPULAR bore size today is .685 for paintballs. If you want to underbore, an insert of .684 is ideal, and probably one of the most common setups.

The Freak XL kit has a .684 insert, or the inserts can be purchased separately as a single .684 insert.

What is the most accurate paintball barrel?

The DYE Precision GF Boomstick Barrel is an accurate high-end barrel for autococker threaded paintball markers.

The most popular and affordable paintball barrel is the Custom Products 14″ Paintball Barrel which is an aluminum barrel that is micro-honed so they are smooth and the weight of the aluminum reduces kick, so they are quite accurate. You just can’t go wrong with this barrel.

Best way to clean paintball barrel?

A clean barrel is a more accurate barrel. So naturally, you need to know how to clean your paintball gun barrel.

Don’t worry!

It’s really easy.

Step 1: Remove the barrel from the marker

Step 2: Grab your squeegee.

Step 3: Thread the squeegee through the top of the barrel, down to the tip and pull the squeegee through the barrel.

If you don’t have a squeegee, I recommend a Planet Eclipse Paintball Barrel Maid Swab because you do not need to remove the barrel to use it.

Article Summary

That wraps up the best paintball barrel reviews. Don’t hesitate to make this important upgrade today!

Looking to pick up another paintball marker for your collection? Maybe as a loaner for friends or a backup? Check out this list of the best paintball markers and pick one up.

Until next time,

I will see you on the field!