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THE 15 best paintball guns of 2024.

I chose from the best paintball guns in all price ranges so there is a gun here to fit your budget.

I also include a paintball gun buyer Guide and FAQs, so stay tuned for that!

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TOP 15 Best Paintball Guns of 2024

Planet Eclipse CS2 PRO Paintball Marker

The CS2 Pro is a dynamo paintball gun. It works hard, lasts long, and has all the luxury features you would expect from a paintball marker of this caliber.

It has easy tool less bolt removal.

It comes with three shaft FL barrel backs in sizes that fit TODAY’s paintballs, so they are useful. It comes stock with a 14.5 inch aluminum barrel. You know, I really like aluminum barrels because they are light, yet they manage to reduce sound.

One of my favorite aspects of this paintball marker is the adjustable blade & scythe trigger which is included.


  • Includes 3 Shaft FL Barrel Backs in 0.681, 0.685, and 0.689 sizes.
  • 5 inch aluminum barrel.
  • Adjustable Blade & Scythe Trigger.
  • Efficient, uses less gas than inferior markers.


  • Pricy.


This high-quality marker is one of the best speedball paintball guns around.

DLX HK Army Luxe X Paintball Marker

One of my favorite features of the Luxe X is the smooth quiet shot.

It’s even quieter than the Planet Eclipse CS2. It is a top of the line, pro-level, electronic paintball marker for speedball, and the predecessor of the LUXE ICE.

The DLX is chock-full of features not seen on other paintball markers. A few of those features include the fact that the breach, regulator and trigger can be serviced without tools.

The electronics are also top notch. There are no wires or plugs. The gun uses gold plated connections and locking pins that are easy to maintain and replace if needed.


  • Comes stock with the freak XL System with one .687 inch insert.
  • Includes high-efficiency X-Core Bolt System.
  • Battery life is 3 times longer than previous versions.


  • Expensive.


One of the best paintball guns of 2024 for pro-level speedball.

Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 Paintball Marker

The planet eclipse EMEK is, in my opinion, one of THE best budget paintball guns you can own.

It is a mechanical gun that can be used for woodsball or speedball because it has a smooth accurate shot and a quick hinge style trigger.

The best part? The EMEK has the famous planet eclipse Gamma Core engine, at a price you are going to love.


  • Easy to maintain, great for beginners.
  • Excellent price, good value and worth every penny.
  • Gamma core engine.


  • Mechanical, meaning you need to work on your trigger finger to use this gun for speedball.


This mechanical paintball marker is a workhorse, and it’s FUN to play with. One of the best paintball guns for the money!

Speaking of speedball, if you are in the market for a speedball paintball marker, I have what you need! Take a look at this list of the best speedball markers and get down to business today!

Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun

The Empire Mini is a reasonably priced electronic speedball gun with all the modes you need for speedball. It has a nice low kick so it’s accurate and quiet.

It is very light and has a smaller frame, so it’s nimble too. The stock bore size is a .688 perfect for today’s paintballs.


  • Weatherized internals to prevent moisture damage.
  • Midlevel speedball marker.
  • Light, agile, quiet and accurate.


  • The grip is a bit small, more challenging to manage for those with large hands.


Best paintball maker for the money for speedball.

Dye M3s Paintball Marker

The Dye M3s is a high-end electronic speedball marker. It is one of the best electronic paintball guns available today.

The Dye M3s uses the latest technology including MOS air Operating system for the ultimate customization.

The M3s has a DYE Slide Lock Airport ASA, and an updated FL-21 Bolt and too much to list here.

It has cable-free charging, a high contrast screen, and two tool assembly for easy maintenance.


  • Extremely consistent.
  • Very low operating pressure.
  • Excellent air efficiency.
  • MOS air operating system.


  • One of the more expensive speedball markers.


The M3s is one of the best paintball makers made and one of the most powerful paintball guns for speedball.

Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R Paintball Gun

The Planet Eclipse Gtek 170R is a mid-level electronic speedball paintball marker. It has the distinction of having all essential parts housed in the frame. Plus, the gun has tool less access to all major and serviceable components.

It’s an easy gun to clean and maintain. It is efficient, accurate and reliable. It shoots with ball on ball consistency and it’s a favorite of many pro speedball players. In fact, many players compare this gun to its big brother, the high-end Planet Eclipse CS2 PRO


  • Hose less design – easy to maintain.
  • Regulator built into the grip.
  • Gamma Core Drivetrain.
  • Nice blade trigger.


  • Standard barrel is .689 bore, wish it was a little smaller bore on the stock barrel.


Top-rated mid-level price range paintball marker for speedball.

Planet Eclipse Etha2 PAL Paintball Marker

The ETHA 2 is a mid-level electronic paintball marker. It is solid and reliable, a gun that will hold up for years. It makes a great speedball gun, and holds its own for woodsball too.

You can dive, take a fall and play in bad weather, and the gun will take the abuse. It’s reliable, so you won’t be dealing with broken balls or repairs all the time, and that is priceless compared to some high maintenance markers out there.


  • Gamma Core Drivetrain.
  • PAL compatible.
  • 2 piece aluminum 14 inch barrel – nice and quiet.
  • Durable, tough and reliable.


  • Trigger could be better, especially considering the price.


Easy maintenance and reliability make the ETHA 2 the best bang for your buck for a mid-level paintball marker for both speedball and woodsball.

Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Gun

The Axe 2.0 is now 10 percent lighter than the original Axe, with all the same features you loved about the original.

It’s got Bluetooth included and the board can be upgraded, which is nice.

It is an electronic gun with Semi, Ramp, Burst, Full Auto, as you would expect from a quality electronic speedball gun.

This gun rips, right out of the box and the gun is really cool looking.


  • Push button bolt removal.
  • Includes Driver XX two-piece barrel.
  • Comes stock with a two piece .688 barrel.


  • This gun is a little loud.


Awesome speedball paintball marker for the money.

Tippmann A-5 Paintball Marker

The Tippmann A-5 is a mechanical paintball gun, but it can fire up to 15 rounds per second if you have a fast trigger finger.

The Tippmann A-5 is able to shoot so many balls per second thanks to the cyclone feed which feeds a little air in and drops a paintball into the chamber each time you shoot. It’s a REALLY nice feature to have on a gun in this price range.

This gun is excellent stock, but those who love it are known to load it with upgrades. Some of my favorite upgrades for this gun are the electronic kit that allows you to shoot full auto, sold separately.

I also love the flatline barrel, which will give your shot distance an extra 50 yards. Nice!


  • Cyclone feed, shoots up to 15 BPS.
  • Dependable, reliable and built like a tank.
  • Really easy to upgrade and customize.
  • Comfortable wide handle and grip space – good for larger hands.


  • Exposed gas line.


When I think of good paintball guns for woodsball, the Tippmann A-5 is always at the top of my list.

Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Gun

The classic Tippmann 98 custom is one of the BEST budget paintball guns for woodsball. It costs less than its big brother, the A-5, but it has the same reliability and quality build.

It is also very customizable and upgradeable. And many Tippmann Custom 98 paintball gun owners add upgrades like the custom 98 flatline barrel to get extra distance on their shot, or the Tippmann cyclone feeder to get a higher bps.


  • Anti-Chop technology built in.
  • Reliable and tough, battle tested, weather and mud resistant.
  • Easy to upgrade, customize and maintain.


  • I prefer a longer barrel, the Custom 98 has an 8 inch barrel.


Absolutely one of the best woodsball paintball guns for a tight budget – easy to upgrade later and works well right out of the box.

If you are interested in aftermarket barrel to improve shot accuracy or noise, take a look at this list of the best paintball barrels and make your upgrade today.

Field One Force Paintball Marker

Field One Force Red Paintball Marker

The Field One Force is a high end electronic marker that is well balanced and feels good in your hands.

This paintball marker excels when it comes to power and accuracy. It has a smooth shot, but I admit, it is not as quiet as some other speedball markers.

I REALLY like that it comes stock with a .683 bore, which is appropriate for today’s paintball sizes and it has an acculock barrel system with tapered barrel which is a really nice feature.


  • Accurate and powerful.
  • The Force Nucleus engine.
  • Dual battery system – can put batteries in front or a lithium battery in the back.
  • Comes stock with a .683 bore – NICE!
  • Front grip is adjustable.


  • A little loud.


A comfortable well balanced paintball marker and one of the most accurate paintball guns with a lot of power too.

Planet Eclipse MG100 PAL Paintball Marker

This awesome new mag fed mechanical marker from Planet Eclipse is surprisingly quiet with very little kick.

This paintball gun makes one of the best paintball sniper rifles because it is accurate, and that accuracy is increased when you use the compatible first strike rounds.

This gun is great for woodsball too. It is durable, reliable, has a MilSim look and the mag fed style adds to the realism of the game.

I should note this gun is a lightweight, well balanced gun thanks to the GRN (Glass Reinforced Nylon) the receiver is made from.

It’s not heavy like other MilSim magfed guns and it’s a matter of preference what you like, a heavier or lighter gun.


  • Contains Planet Eclipse reliable and efficient Gamma Core engine.
  • Mag fed marker with hopper option.
  • Accepts First strike rounds.
  • PAL compatible.
  • DYE Dam mag compatible (sold separately).


  • The switch from mag fed to hopper on this gun is annoying because you have to install the feedneck.
  • It is not as heavy as other mag fed guns, so in this respect it’s not true MilSim.


A realistic, kick-butt, lightweight, high performance, mag fed woodsball sniper paintball gun you are going to LOVE!

Looking for a solid, accurate and quiet sniper rifle? I have just what you need. Here is a list I put together of the top paintball sniper rifles. Enjoy!

Tippmann TMC Magfed Paintball Marker

The Tippmann TMC is a mechanical magfed marker based on the ever-popular custom 98 marker.

It is reliable and built like a tank. This gun is battle-tested and will not let you down in the middle of a game.

This magfed gun can be set up to use a hopper, if you attach the included hopper adaptor and a hopper to the gun, so it’s versatile in that way.

This gun is pretty lightweight, compared to other mag fed guns, but it is well balanced. It is a comfortable gun with a well angled grip.

You will love the way this paintball gun feels in your hands.


  • Easy to add components like sites and scopes thanks to the quad rail.
  • Includes scope and adjustable stock.
  • Hoseless design.
  • Comfortable grip.


  • Not the most accurate marker, but adding a Freak XL barrel improves accuracy considerably.


Solid, well-built budget level magfed paintball gun.

SP Shocker CVO Mechanical Paintball Marker

The SP Shocker CVO is a mid-level mechanical marker that comes stock with the 14 inch freak XL barrel system. That makes it a GREAT value, and also means this gun is more accurate, right out of the box.

This gun shoots smooth and accurate and it’s efficient and lightweight. Despite the fact that it is mechanical, this gun rips, thanks to the ultra-short trigger pull which, by the way, is adjustable.


  • Comes stock with the Freak XL 14 inch barrel kit.
  • Hose free and very efficient paintball marker.
  • Smooth, quiet shot.
  • Short trigger pull, can shoot pretty fast, depending on YOUR trigger finger.


  • Needs an allen wrench to access detents and other components.


One of the BEST mechanical paintball markers out there, great for old school 10 man tournaments!

MacDev Prime XTS Paintball Gun

The MacDev Prime XTS’s superpower is the infinity drive core. The infinity drive is reliable and invincible, shot after shot.

In my opinion, this is one of the sleekest, smartest looking high-end speedball paintball guns available today.

The MacDev has a smooth accurate shot with very little kick and its pretty quiet.

It’s a really nice high-end paintball marker.


  • Infinity Drive – reliable and efficient.
  • Color OLED screen.
  • Smooth, quiet, accurate shot.
  • Very cool looking paintball marker.


  • I wish the grips were more rubbery.


Ergonomic. Comfortable, reliable high-end speedball paintball marker.

MacDev is an Australian paintball brand that I really like. If you want to learn more about all the paintball brands on the market today, check out this list of the best paintball brands.

Buying Guide to the Best Paintball Guns – How to Choose a Paintball Marker

Consider What Your Main Paintball Play Style is

There are many styles of paintball play, including their variations, too much to list here really. There is woodsball, speedball, close quarter combat, scenario, hyperball, tournaments, you name it!

Here are 3 popular styles in a nutshell.

paintball player in protective uniform and mask aiming sniper rifle

Woodsball Paintball

Woodsball is played in a large field or woods, or some kind of natural setting. It can even be played in the desert, mad max style.

Woodsball guns are designed to be played in ALL weather conditions and are built to hold up if you fall, dive or hit the gun against an obstacle.

Many woodsball guns have rules that say you cannot use full auto shooting mode, and it is common for woodsball guns to be markers that do not have full auto mode, like mechanical markers.

If you play mostly woodsball, you need a gun that is built like a tank, battle-tested against hits, falls, rain, snow sleet and mud. The woodsball paintball gun need to be able to take a beating like a champ.

The Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 Paintball Marker is one of my favorite paintball guns for woodsball for its unrivaled build and reliability, in addition to its accuracy and performance. It is also a budget-priced gun and absolutely the best bang for your buck in its price range.

Looking for more of the best woodsball guns? No doubt about it, woodsball is a blast, so it’s great to keep a woodsball gun in your arsenal if you can. Check out this list of the best woodsball guns and add a woodsball gun to your collection.

paintball player playing speedball

Speedball Paintball

Speedball is usually played on a closed field so space is limited. The speedball field is full of inflatable obstacles, which you are probably familiar with if you have ever watched any YouTube paintball game videos or been to a paintball field.

Speedball is a fast, high energy, high adrenaline game.

The game is most often played with electronic paintball markers because they shoot in full auto mode. If you play speedball, you know you will be using a lot of paint!

A good speedball marker should ideally be an electronic paintball marker. It should also load paint quickly and have a reliable, gentle drivetrain because it will be moving fast. Breaking paint in a speedball game can put you in a losing position!

The Dye M3s Paintball Marker is an example of a powerful speedball marker that is accurate, soft on paint, and reliable.

Scenario Play Paintball

Scenario paintball has some similarity to woodsball, but it can also be like speedball if the field is small and closed. Basically, you play out a specific military or battle simulation, called a scenario.

You are on teams and each person has their assigned role to play. The scenario field can be large or small, with big teams or small teams, and the games can last an hour, several hours, and some even go on for days. Scenario play is quite varied.

You want the same style of paintball gun for scenario play that you do for woodsball.

I will say this, often scenario players who really like to get into the role use MilSim guns because they look realistic and help a player get into the game and play their role in the scenario.

A scenario game can be played with a Tippmann TMC Paintball Marker or Tippmann A-5 Paintball Marker which can both be accessorized to look like real military rifles.

Keep in mind, you are not limited to one style or type of marker no matter what style you play. It’s all up to you.

man wearing paintball mask and shooting with paintball marker

What are the Types of Paintball Guns?

Paintball markers fall into two different categories: electronic and mechanical.


Within those categories there are subcategories and even different “levels” of marker.

Let’s start with Electronic markers.


Electronics markers have the distinction of containing electronics. No one is surprised about that.

Those electronics allow a player to have some control over how their gun shoots, as most electronic markers have several shooting modes, including full-auto, semi-auto, ramping, etc.

The downside of electronic guns is they are usually more expensive, they can use more paint, especially full auto mode, the electronics themselves are more vulnerable to weather and the elements.

Electronic markers need batteries, which need charging. Anyone with a cell phone knows that can be annoying at times and makes long games challenging.

team of paintball players with marker guns and equipment


Mechanical guns have no electronics. There are several styles of mechanical guns, including standard mechanical guns like the SP Shocker CVO Paintball Marker.

Mechanical markers include standard paintball markers, Mag fed guns, MilSim guns and pump paintball markers.

All mechanical markers by definition, do not have electronics, and therefore do not need batteries. WooHoo!

They do, however, just like electronic markers, need a source of gas like C02 or compressed air. All paintball markers use that.

Mechanical markers are usually, but not in all cases, less expensive. Mechanical markers are hardier, because there are no electronics to fuss with of worry about. They also use less paint because they do not have full auto mode, so that’s a bonus too.

The downside of mechanical markers is there is no full auto mode, and most cannot do semi auto mode either, making them a challenge to use for speedball.

So if you play with a mechanical paintball marker, you better start working on improving the speed of your trigger finger.

Mag Fed

Magfed paintball markers are a style of gun that uses a magazine, filled with 19 to 20 paintballs.

Players choose magfed guns for the challenge, and to make the game more similar to a real combat situation where bullets are limited.

The downside of a magfed paintball marker is you have 20 shots before you need to change the mag.

The upside is you use a heck of a lot less paint and can really improve you shooting skills because you must choose your shot carefully.


A pump style marker has a pump handle up front, you must pump it for each shot.

Pump paintball markers are old school style, but pump guns are making a comeback. Like magfed, it forces a player to focus on building skill instead of relying on the unlimited firepower of electronic markers.

The Empire Sniper Pump Paintball Marker (link to is an example of a nice pump paintball marker.

man in paintball area holding his paintball gun

Best Paintball Guns FAQ

What is the most powerful paintball gun?

To start with…

Paintball guns are limited by rules and regs. Most tournaments and fields limit the fps (feet per second) to between 280 fps and 300fps and it is closely governed. So no matter how “powerful” a paintball gun is, that power is limited by rules.

Fastest BPS Stock

If you mean SPEED when you say most powerful then you are looking for an electronic marker because they have full auto mode which can be 15 to 20 bps out of the box.

The max firing rate of the DLX HK Army Luxe X Paintball Marker and the Planet Eclipse CS2 PRO.

Out of the box is 20 bps, which is capped by the manufacturer, making them some of the fastest stock paintball markers.

Note: Keep in mind, some tournaments and fields limit the bps, so even if your gun can shoot 20bps, it does not mean the field or tournament will allow it. Kinda lame, but it is what it is.

For example, the NXL and PSP tournament max bps is 10.2.

Best Range

If you mean RANGE when you say power, you are talking about how far the paintball goes. The biggest factor for range is the barrel and a good paint match.

If by power you mean range, I would say the DLX HK Army Luxe X Paintball Marker.

Is one of the most powerful paintball markers out of the box because it includes the Freak XL barrel system stock.

Which paintball gun is the most accurate?

Right out of the box, the SP Shocker CVO Mechanical Paintball Marker is one of the most accurate. The less movement it takes to shoot the ball, the more accurate the gun will be.

The SP Shocker CVO mechanical marker is very accurate because it comes stock with the Freak XL barrel system and has very little kick, a nice smooth shot and a short trigger pull.

What is the best speedball paintball gun?

The very best is a matter of opinion, so I will give you my opinion. I like the Planet Eclipse CS2 PRO. It’s a pro level speedball gun with a max of 20 bps.

It is smooth, quiet, reliable and deadly accurate. It’s good looking and made with the most advanced technology.

What is the best paintball gun?

It’s hard to choose just one paintball marker as the best, but I am going to try. I will give you my opinion on the best paintball marker for each price range level.

Best Budget Level Paintball Marker

The Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 Paintball Marker is easily the best budget level paintball marker because I believe you actually get more than you pay for with this gun, it really is a great value.

The EMEK comes with the gamma core drivetrain, it’s fast, accurate, extremely reliable and built like a tank. You can play woodsball or speedball with this marker, just keep in mind its mechanical, so the rate of fire depends on your trigger finger.

If you want a list of all the best cheap paintball guns, I put one together. This list proves you don’t need a $1000 dollars to buy a great paintball marker.

Best Mid Level Paintball Marker

For the mid-level price range, the best paintball gun of 2024 the Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun.

The Mini GS is accurate, quiet, compact and lightweight. It’s a favorite of many speedball players, and it’s offered at an accessible price.

Best Pro Level Paintball Marker

The best pro level paintball marker is the Planet Eclipse CS2 PRO. It includes the Shaft FL bore sections, the adjustable Blade and Scythe trigger, the gamma core drivetrain and more.

Article Summary

That wraps up this list of the best paintball guns of 2024. Don’t hesitate to pick one up today.

If you do not already have one, every baller needs a paintball mask to play. Check out this list of the best paintball masks and pick one up.

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