I get it! You LOVE the adrenaline rush of Speedball and it’s time to get yourself a proper speedball gun.

You have come to the right place my adrenaline junkie comrades!

Here are the 13 best speedball paintball guns of 2024.

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TOP 13 Best Speedball Paintball Guns 2024

Planet Eclipse CS2 PRO Paintball Marker

The CS2 Pro is a top speedball gun for a good reason. The CS2 Pro is designed for professional ballers who want to win!

It is easy to clean, streamlined and has a great rake angle. The CS2 Pro comes standard with three bore shafts.

Technically, it is superior thanks to on board Bluetooth, micro USB programming, and TWO 16 bit processors.

The low profile feed neck and hose-less air transfer set this level of gun apart from cheaper entry-level markers.


  • Awesome hard case included.
  • three bore sections/barrel backs included for all paint sizes.
  • Includes bade and Scythe trigger shoes for a custom trigger feel.
  • Comes with a ton of extra parts and Allen wrenches to service your gun to top condition.


  • One of the most expensive speedball guns out there.


The CS2 is easily one of the best speedball guns on the market for pro players.

Planet Eclipse Etha2 PAL Paintball Marker

The Planet Eclipse Etha2 is one of the most sought after speedball markers at the mid-level price range.

This marker distinguishes itself by the fact that it performs in extreme weather, from heat to cold to rain, it takes it all in stride.

It is light, perfectly balanced, and if you wear gloves or are a big guy, you will appreciate the wide space on the grip.


  • PAL enabled, compatible with PAL loader system.
  • Built with the innovative Gamma Core spool valve drivetrain.
  • Hose-less air transfer, just like more expensive markers.
  • Most popular speedball marker for the mid-level price tier.


  • It’s nearly impossible to throw shade on the Etha2, it’s even great for woodsball!


A pro level gun at an affordable price, a great buy for the money.

Speaking of woodsball, if you are thinking about picking up a woodsball gun, check out this carefully selected list of the best woodsball paintball guns.

Dye M3+ Paintball Marker

The Dye M3+ is arguably one of the best speedball guns out there and certainly one of the most accurate.

The FL-21 bolt performs in all weather conditions and the low air pressure needed means you save air while getting a great shot.

This maker is one of the best speedball guns thanks to the FL-21 bolt and extreme accuracy.

It’s also a great marker because of all the other details that make it great. It has perfect ergonomics, a great screen with joystick style operation, and Bwing21 Mag-Reach Trigger are just to name a few.


  • Extremely accurate.
  • Comes standard with the UL-S 2-Piece Barrel System.
  • Air conserving low-pressure FL-21 bolt.
  • Cable free charging pad, really easy to charge.


  • One of the most expensive speedball markers on the market.


The Dye M3+ marker is a top-rated gun, worthy of its popularity.

Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Gun

The Empire Axe is another great mid-level price range speedball marker. It can be used for both speedball and woodsball, for those who like to mix it up, because it is programmable for Semi, Ramp, Burst and Full Auto.

This is a larger gun, size wise, compared to the similar GS mini, so it’s perfect for larger guys and the grip width and space is somewhere between the original AXE and the GS mini.


  • Pressure controlled poppet engine.
  • Trigger is super easy to change out.
  • Eye covers are now easier to clean.


  • Does not have the gauge like previous models.


A great mid-level speedball marker that works well for woodsball too.

Field One Force Paintball Marker

Field One Force Paintball Marker

The Field One Force is technically an all new gun, but it takes its design queues from the Bob Long gun designs.

The heart of this marker is the Nucleus Engine.

What makes the Field One Force Nucleus engine so special?

The Nucleus engine utilized U-Cups, which reduce friction, wear slower and stay within tolerance longer AND create a better seal than O rings. Virtually all moving seals in this engine are made from these superior performing U-Cups.


  • High performance Nucleus engine is efficient and easy to maintain.
  • Deuce trigger, magnetic trigger.
  • Choice of li-po or AA batteries with USB charge.
  • Includes quality hard case.


  • Pricy and new, although extensively field-tested by Pro ballers.


A sexy new speedball gun designed by pro ballers using proven marker technology and innovative mechanics like the U-Cup.

Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker

The Empire Mini GS Marker is an excellent beginner-level price range paintball marker.

It is a popular marker that does not disappoint. This Mini has the tested and proven Mini engine, so it will not fail.

The grip and attachments have been improved since the last version and are now even more robust to stand up to the fast action and sometimes less than favorable environment of speedball.


  • Built in tank gauge to regulate pressure on the fly-nice touch!
  • 2 piece 14 inch barrel.
  • Has ramping and tourney modes, can be used for woodsball too.
  • On/off switch on the ASA makes it easy and safe to remove your tank.


  • Eyes are challenging to clean.
  • Grip space is small, relative to other guns.


Hands down, one of the best speedball guns for beginners, excellent performance for this level gun.

Dye Rize CZR Paintball Marker

The CZR Rize is a high-quality beginner’s speedball gun. Not only is it affordable, but the performance is excellent. The two-piece 14 inch barrel is very accurate, a huge step up from crappy rental guns.

The marker is self-cleaning, if a ball breaks, which is great in the heat of battle. This gun is also great for bigger players, because the grip is wide and comfortable.


  • Come standard with a two-piece 14” dye rize barrel – very accurate marker.
  • Level lock clamping feed neck.
  • Nice Blade style trigger comes standard on this marker.
  • 4 firing tourney modes, and fully programmable.


  • Has a hose line, which some don’t like.


A solid starter speedball gun, great for big guys, with performance you will LOVE.

Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R Paintball Gun

The Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R is a great mid-range priced gun for speedball. The best thing about this gun is the Gamma Core which is so easy to maintain, so there is less cleaning and downtime.

The Gamma core works great in all weather conditions from freezing cold to hot dessert – It performs!

This GTEK 170R is vastly improved over the already great original GTEK. It is easier to maintain because all pieces are inside the frame, and now the GTEK 170R is completely hose-less.


  • Completely hose-less design.
  • Comes with a nice hard case.
  • 2 piece, reverse threaded 14 inch barrel for accuracy.
  • Reliable and needs little maintenance.


  • Some actually prefer the strong POP of a marker, while the 170 is soft and quiet, yet powerful.


Easily the best mid-range speedball marker for the money, it performs in any climate and is highly reliable!

DLX Luxe X Paintball Marker

This is a top tier speedball gun with only a few serious competitors. It is also a complete upgrade from all other LUXE models because it is easier to maintain and shoots smoother and more efficiently than previous models. All of this is made possible thanks to an ALL-NEW core X bolt system.

The new Luxe X lithium battery lasts 3 times as long as the previous model, which is quite an improvement.

I would say the best thing about this marker, in addition to superb performance, is how easy it is to maintain. Luxe has built a gun that is self-lubrication, and all parts are easy to access and maintain.


  • Comes standard with a Freak XL barrel.
  • Comes with a hard zippered case with zippered compartments.
  • ICE coating technology ensures internals stay lubricated.


  • One of the most expensive speedball guns on the market.


Top tier speedball gun that is easy to maintain with smooth shooting and performance that impresses.

MacDev Prime XTS Paintball Gun

This newly-released MacDev Prime XTS came out in 2019 with some major upgrades. This speedball marker is built around the robust and reliable infinity drive, which performs well in ALL weather conditions and can handle higher pressure.

Its wire-free, easy to maintain, and so reliable, you won’t have to be doing a ton of maintenance anyways.


  • Includes tool set and rebuild kit.
  • Soft, comfortable long-wearing grip.
  • Very reliable marker from a smaller up and coming paintball marker brand.


  • Expensive.


Very reliable high-end marker with all the features you need, without the gimmicks you don’t.

Empire Vanquish GT Paintball Marker

The Vanquish GT is a high-end speedball marker. It is efficient, consistent and accurate. All shots have the same pressure, unlike cheaper guns which can be inconsistent.

I really like the feel of the magnetic trigger, and the on-off button doubles as a joystick to make programming easier. I find that a nice touch.

This marker has the pressure readout on the screen, so there is no need for an external pressure gauge, another really nice feature of this high-end paintball marker.


  • All new V16 Drivetrain.
  • Includes a full barrel kit, 4 barrel backs and one tip.
  • Maintenance is a breeze as all Allen screws are the same size so you only need one tool.


  • This market is quiet with very little kick, if you like the kick, this is not your marker.
  • Joystick is small and hard to maneuver.


Soft shot, high accuracy, consistent and efficient top-rated speedball marker.

Empire SYX Paintball Marker

The Empire SYX is a great speedball gun at the mid-range price level.

I really feel this gun does not get all the love it deserves. It has a nice trigger, a clamping feed neck and it shoots very accurately.

In fact, accuracy is one of this markers greatest strengths, and for this price point, its accuracy is impressive.


  • 14 inch two piece barrel for accurate shots.
  • Spacious grip, great feel in the hands.
  • Easy and convenient board navigation.


  • The regulator is challenging to remove and service.


A very accurate mid-level price range speedball gun.

Proto Rail Paintball Gun

Straight from the Dye budget line comes this Proto Rail beginner’s speedball marker with a great price!

If you are ballin’ on a budget, this is the gun to get.

It has lots of great features like the Fuse bolt, self-cleaning eye and a 12 inch honed barrel.


  • Lightweight and fast.
  • Sweet price point, significantly less than the Dye Rize.
  • Comes stock with Fuse bolt and self-cleaning eye.


  • Needs an electronic hopper to feed paint better, comes stock with a gravity hopper.
  • It’s an older design, but the gun still runs great.


Good looking, smooth shooting, entry-level paintball gun, one of the best at this price point.

Buying Guide to the Best Speedball Paintball Guns

paintball player playing speedball

Price Point and Speedball Marker Level

Speedball guns can be roughly divided into three categories in terms of price point and the markers quality level.

Entry Level Speedball Markers

Entry-level markers are between $200 and $399 dollars, roughly. They can be really good quality, and give you years of faithful service if you choose the right one and treat it nice.

Stay tuned, below I tell you my number one pick for entry-level speedball marker.

Mid Level Speedball Markers

Mid-level markers are quite popular, they are usually priced between $400 and $900 dollars, roughly. These guns can have all the hot features you want, and many tourney level players use mid-level markers.

I will tell you my top pick mid-level marker below.

Top Elite Level Speedball Markers

Elite level markers, as the name implies, are the best of the best. They have the most innovative technology, best performance, and the price reflects that. These markers go from $1000 to $2000 dollars.

See my top pick for high-end speedball marker below.

man with paintball marker playing paintball

What is the best speedball paintball gun?

Best High-End Speedball Marker

The Planet Eclipse CS2 PRO Paintball Marker is my pick for the best high-end speedball marker.

It comes with the three most popular barrel sizes, two blade trigger options, it is accurate, efficient and has a soft shot, and just feels great to shoot. It just feels right in the hands and is balanced right.

Best Mid-Range Level Speedball Marker

Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R Paintball Gun is an excellent mid-level paintball marker. It has the Gamma core drivetrain, it is efficient, consistent and easy on paint and the bolt is a pull up and remove style, making it really easy to maintain and service.

Best Entry-Level Speedball Marker

Dye Rize CZR Paintball Marker is THE hot new entry-level gun. I love that they have a 14 inch barrel like more expensive guns, because the shot is accurate.

These markers are reliable, accurate and efficient, and what else would you expect from a reputable paintball marker brand like Dye?

paintball player hiding and holding marker

How Easy is it to Maintain Your Speedball Marker?

There are paintball markers out there that are a breeze to maintain, and then there are the others.

Generally, older markers are a chore to maintain. They may use tons of O rings, several different Allen wrench sizes, and have awkward access angles or other parts that are difficult to remove.

The thing is…

Newer markers are getting better every day. They have easy to remove bolts, wireless connectors, fully frame enclosed parts, boltless battery access, they use less O-rings, have self-cleaning eyes, and so on.

This is why I highly recommend you do your research and purchase a newer marker, because the technology is evolving for the better as time goes on.

How Easy is it to Program Your Speedball Marker?

Just like maintenance, paintball marker computer boards and programming are evolving for the better.

Older markers were clunky and funky to program and had wonky controls.

Today, an on board mini joystick is the gold standard for programming your gun.

Before you buy, check the markers programming and what modes it offers before buying.

Your best bet here is to buy a paintball marker with the latest design.

Is Your Speedball Marker Hoseless?

Less expensive and budget markers have a hose that connects the regulator and feeds air to the gun.

More expensive guns do away with the hose, because the hose gets in the way during the heat of battle, and that’s a bummer.

I say, look for a gun that is hose-less, if you can afford it.

Article Summary

Now that you have seen the best speedball paintball guns of 2024, don’t wait, pick one up today and get in the game.

While I have you here, if you are looking for mechanical or woodsball guns, as well as speedball guns, check out this list of the best paintball guns available right now.

And don’t forget to pick up a paintball mask!