Tired of settling for tactical pants that are too loose at the waist, too tight in the hips, and with a less than ideal fit?

You don’t have to settle for men’s tactical pants anymore!

I found 11 of the best tactical pants for women that fit well, look good and function as well as any men’s tactical pants.

Are you ready to say goodbye to man pants?

Then keep reading!

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TOP 11 Best Tactical Pants for Women 2024

5.11 Tactical Women’s Stryke Cargo Pants

These 5.11 Stryke tactical pants are the best! They have all the features men’s pants have, but they are made to fit a woman.

They are made from Flex-Tac ripstop fabric (to learn more about the importance of this, you can read this article on what exactly is ripstop fabric) so they are slightly stretchy with a form-fitting profile, and they are strong as heck so they won’t tear as you slide for cover.

Plus, they will last more than one season.

As far as gear storage, there are an incredible 12 pockets, so there is plenty of space, and the pants are Teflon treated for paint/water resistance.

Bonus: they are knee pad compatible! Woohoo!


  • Teflon coated, impervious to paint and the elements.
  • 2 way stretch ripstop fabric for a tough pant that forms to fit the female shape.
  • YKK zippers, and prym snaps mean high quality.
  • Cute and functional.


  • If you are over 5’5” get a long size.


Kick butt and look good doing it! These 5.11 women’s tactical pants are a favorite with female ballers.

LA Police Gear Women’s Stretch Tactical Pants

These LA police Gear Stretch Ops tactical pants have more flex and lighter weight than the Operator pant by LA gear.

No more man pants! These pants are for ladies that want a more form-fitting tactical pants with some stretch and hug, and they perform great on HOT days.

They have several side and knee pockets to hold your gear, and the material is lightweight, water and paint repellant, and these pants will last more than one season of paintball, easily.


  • Good stretch, flattering and curve-hugging.
  • Affordable price.
  • Available in tall and short sizes so you do not have to tailor.


  • Runs small and the long is good for ladies up to 5’9” but not taller.


Great value for the money, attractive and useful paintball tactical pants for women.

Tru-Spec Women’s 24-7 Series Xpedition Pant

You will love the Tru-Spec Xpedition pant, now designed for women.

It has so many handy details I am sure you will be impressed with these pants.

To start, the material is a 4 way stretch with soft material in the groin area so you can move, kneel and run with ease. The pants use real YKK zippers and they have several internal pockets and D rings to stow gear, plus many outer pockets too.

They are cut for a woman, and look and feel great and perform just as well as the men’s version.


  • 4 way stretch fabric and gusseted soft flex groin area so you can move.
  • Durable YKK zippers.
  • Water-resistant fabric.
  • Easy access pockets.


  • Pants are rather wide at the bottom, but there are snaps for slimming them down.


Great fit, thoughtful design and a very lightweight feel make these tactical pants a good choice.

Tippmann Tactical TDU Pants

These Tippmann tactical pants are unisex, but they are slim fitting, designed by a paintball gun company specifically for paintball, and the pockets are huge.

They are plenty long, so you can tailor them to fit you perfectly, and they are available down to a 27 inch waist.

I like the slim fit and huge pockets, and reasonable price on these tactical paintball pants.


  • Knee pad pockets.
  • Internal drawstring for a secure fit.
  • All inseams are 32 inches for easy tailoring. Available as small as 27 inch waist.
  • Front badge holder.
  • Affordable.


  • I wish they had some kind of water-resistant treatment, but the polyester blend should repel dirt and water.


A high-quality tactical pant from a known and trusted paintball brand.

5.11 Tactical Women’s Taclite Pants

These 5.11 Taclite tactical pants are different than the Stryke tactical pants. They are fitted in the hip/rear area, but not too fitted in the leg.

The fabric is heavier than the Stryke pants and the stretch is less on these Taclite pants.

Bottom line: If you are REALLY hard on pants, you might prefer these. If you like a more form fitted pant, and slimmer leg, with lighter material, get the 5.11 Stryke pants.


  • Strong Taclite material takes a beating.
  • Internal knee pad compatible.
  • Tons of storage, including two calf pockets and two hip-mounted cargo pockets.
  • Teflon treated to repel water, paint, mud & blood in case you really do some damage.


  • These pants run small, order up a size or two, ladies!


These tactical pants are tough, with a touch of feminine. Plenty of storage too.

Propper Women’s Kinetic Tactical Pant

These Propper Tactical pants are great!

I really, really love the Velcro flap pockets, because who wants to mess with zippers with gloves on, right?

They also have a little stretch so you can kneel and bend and run easily, and they fit better and look better too.


  • 2 way stretch is flattering and comfortable.
  • Handy tool pocket, front cell pocket and Velcro pocket flaps.
  • Divided front cargo pocket is very innovative!
  • Loops for a belt or to hold your badge.
  • Available in short and long sizes, no tailoring needed.


  • Button front. I prefer the snap front and feel snaps are sturdier.


You will be proud to wear these pro-level tactical pants designed for a woman’s figure to your next tourney.

MIER Women’s Quick Dry Cargo Pants

I am loving these Mier quick-dry tactical pants for women.

They are super light, flexible and dry fast. They are perfect for hot days and warm climates.

All pockets are zippered so you don’t lose your gear, and they are so stretchy you can bend, kneel, squat and move fast.

They are offered at a decent price and they have real YKK zippers. Nice!

Plus they are one of the only brands that offer grey-colored pants.


  • Quick drying, very light weight.
  • All pockets are zippered, with glove-friendly pulls.
  • 12% spandex for the best stretch and fit.


  • Lighter weight fabric means you will feel the paintball hits more.


Light and breezy, form-fitting and stretchy tactical pants, for days you do not want to be weighed down. The best women’s lightweight tactical pants out there.

Bunker Kings Featherlite Fly Paintball Pants

Bunker King tactical paintball pants are not made specifically for women, but I chose them because their small size accommodates size 24 waist and they are very flexible and comfortable for ballers of both sexes.


  • Very, very light and flexible – easy to move.
  • Durable water, mud and paint repelling fabric.
  • Tapered jogger fit so mud, dirt and water does not get in from the bottom of the pant.


  • A bit baggy in the hip, rear and thigh area.


Really comfortable, really light, and great at repelling paint and water and perfect for hot weather.

If you are not set in stone on women-specific paintball pants, why not take a look here at the best paintball pants and see if a pair of pants on this list suits you.

LA Police Gear Women’s Operator Pant

The LA gear women’s tactical pants are the female version of LA Police Gears’ most popular men’s pant.

They are made with the same water-resistant durable fabric with the same pocket placement as the men’s pants, but they are designed to fit a woman’s form.

I love the thought that went into the details of this pant, such as slanted pockets you can access while seated or kneeling, Teflon shield to easily wipe away paint and dirt, and best of all, they are very affordable.


  • Real YKK zippers and Teflon treated fabric.
  • Stretch elastic waist for comfort fit.
  • 8 pockets for a moderate amount of gear.
  • Two front D hooks to hang gear and keep it in reach.


  • Material is rough and seams may chafe. Try a pair of slide shorts underneath for max comfort and protection.


Best women’s tactical pants for the money. Great price, smart design.

ZAPT Tactical Pants with Knee Pads

These ZAPT tactical pants are awesome. While they are now specifically made for a woman, they have a slim fit that flatters, and offer waist size as small as 28 inches.

They have a ton of pockets, which is very helpful.

And get this!

They have built-in knee pads. One less piece of gear you need to worry about, right?

They come in a gang of different colors and have an adjustable cuff so you can tighten up when the terrain calls for it.


  • Built in knee pads.
  • All kinds of handy pockets, including calf pockets.
  • Sewn-in loops for a belt or to hold your badge or squeegee.


  • Size runs small/slim. Order up if you are curvy.


Great feel and look, with a practical and functional design. These tactical pants are a winner!

Want to see more tactical pants with built-in knee pads? You wish is my command! Here they are!

Free Soldier Women’s Tactical Pants

If you are headed out for a day of paintball in cold weather, these are your pants!

They are fleece lined and have a water-repellent coating that keeps you toasty and warm as you destroy your enemies.

As a bonus, they are also very stretchy and form-fitting in the rear hips and thighs, so they look good too.


  • Cute fitted look and feel.
  • Stretchy and easy to move.
  • Fleece lined, very warm.
  • Real YKK zippers.


  • Kinda high waist, which I like because I have a long torso, but short torso gals beware!


Best cold weather women’s tactical pants with awesome stretch and fit.

Factors to Keep in Mind Before Buying the Best Women’s Tactical Pants

female player jumping and aiming marker on paintball player

Made for a Woman

The greatest thing about today’s women’s tactical pants is the cut and fabric are designed to fit a woman.

Listen up, ladies!

We, women, have smaller waists and curvier hips than men. Many of us prefer not to wear clothes that are too baggy.

This new generation of women’s tactical pants listened to our needs and created tactical pants that fit, stretch and have narrower cuffs so they look more fitted and feel more comfortable and secure to wear.

How is the Weather? Warm, Hot, Cold, Rainy?

Thankfully, there are many choices out there when it comes to women’s tactical pants so we can choose pants that suit the weather we play in.

There are fleece-lined tactical pants for ladies who play in cold weather, and super light, fast-drying, breathable pants for ladies who play in the heat.

Nearly all the pants in this list of the 11 best tactical pants for women have some kind of coating or are made from a material that repels and resists water, paint, mud, muck and whatever else your tourney throws at you.

Finer Details

I, personally, appreciate the finer details.

Things like quality YKK zippers show me the pants maker cares about the quality of their tactical pants.

Prym snaps stay shut and don’t rust.

Details like slanted pockets so I can dig into them while I am kneeling make me faster and more efficient.

These small details make a big difference in what tactical pants I choose.

On Board Storage

You know as well as I that those are not just tactical pants you are wearing, they are your in field gear storage.

I need lots of pockets in the right place.

I like pants that have zippers, or even better, Velcro close for each pocket, so my gear does not fall out, or off at the worst time.

I like tactical pants with a place to clip my badge, keys, wipes or a squeegee. I need clips or loops in the back to hold my paint.

A tool pocket would be nice too!

What I am saying is this:

Think about your play style. What do you use in the heat of battle? That’s what you need your tactical pants to accommodate.

airsoft woman in uniform with tactical gear and airsoft machine gun


What should look for when buying a tactical pants for women?

The best women’s tactical pants, in my opinion, have some stretch so you can move and so they fit your body.

Look for tactical pants with enough pockets in the right place to carry what you need with you out in the field.

Look for material or special coating that repels water and paint.

Look for pants that suit the weather you pay in. Lined for cold weather, ultra-lightweight for hot weather.

What are tactical pants used for?

Tactical pants are used by women everywhere, and for more than just paintball.

Those who work in the military, law enforcement, public safety, first responders, EMS, manufacturing plant employees, city field employees and more use tactical pants to stay comfortable, protected, carry what they need while the pants stand up to wear and tear.

Who makes the best tactical pants?

5.11, L.A Police Gear, Tru-Spec, Propper, MIER, M-Tac, Helikon-Tex, Vertx and certainly the US Military, are among the best makers of tactical pants.

But only a select few of these makers make tactical pants specifically tailored for women.

What are the best tactical pants for females?

I have two personal favorites when it comes to the best women’s tactical pants:

Both pants stretch well so you can move, and they both have a flattering look.

Both have plenty of pockets, clips and other useful features and are very functional.

Both are water and dirt resistant and will last.

The LA Police gear pants are a bit less expensive, if budget is an issue, but the 5.11 women’s tactical pants are the more well-made, of the two.

So there you have it!

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Wrapping it up

That’s if for the best tactical pants for women. I hope you find the perfect pair for your paintball play.

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Until next time! I will see you on the field!