You asked, and you shall receive.

We here at Rifle Pal have been receiving requests asking us to highlight the best woodsball paintball guns for 2024, and those reviews are finally here.

Along with this carefully selected list of the 15 best woodsball paintball markers, we included a buyer’s guide so you know what to look for before you pick out the best paintball gun for you.

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TOP 15 Best Woodsball Paintball Guns 2024

Empire DFender Paintball Marker

The Empire Defender is unlike any other MilSim woodsball gun out there. It is an electro gun with 5 firing modes, and as you can see from the design, the paintball feeder is in integrated into the stock area. The loader has a magnetic lid and is easy to load.

It’s a woodsball favorite because, without a hopper, it has a really low profile. It also loads paint far faster for a better trigger time and gives you a better view because there is no hopper in the way, and no hopper for your opponents to hit.

It comes with a Super Freak Apex2 barrel and 3 Super Freak inserts and has a magnesium frame so it’s really lightweight, yet indestructible. It’s a great gun that will make your paintball buddies envious.


  • Lightweight and durable magnesium shell.
  • Integrated loader in the back makes this a low profile gun.
  • Super Freak Apex2 barrel and 3 Super Freak inserts of .680 .685 .690.


  • HPA only, no Co2.
  • One of the more expensive woodsball guns available.


One of the most fun, unique woodsball guns out there. The integrated loader is awesome.

Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun

The Tippmann 5 is a MilSim gun, and is one of my favorite mid-level price range woodsball guns.

It has a dovetail rail, so it is compatible with real firearm mods, so if you want to add a scope, or something like that you can. You can also add a stock to the back, which helps with your aim if you shoot sniper style.

It is easier to maintain than the Cronus, it fact it can be stripped in the field without tools. It also shoots semi auto, at 15 balls per second, which is a performance boost over the Cronus, for sure.


  • Dovetail rail, compatible with firearm mods like a scope.
  • Comes with rear and front site, and a place to add a stock.
  • Semi-auto gun, 15 rounds per second.
  • Reliable and customizable MilSim gun.


  • Exposed air hose.


Excellent mid-level, semi-auto woodsball gun that is built like a tank, has a realistic MilSim look and will last for years.

Planet Eclipse MG100 PAL Paintball Marker

This Planet Eclipse mag fed Mech marker is one of the best mag fed guns you can get. Mechanical paintball is getting more popular these days, just like it was in the initial days of paintball, so it’s cool to have a mag fed gun in your lineup.

The best part is, if you want, you can switch this gun to hopper feed and play that way too, so it is quite versatile. Plus, this gun is compatible with the power stock and 13 inch tank.

And has upper and lower Picatinny rails, so there are many customization options down the road.

P.s. This woodsball gun makes an excellent sniper rifle.


  • Mag fed with hopper feed option.
  • Compatible with 20 round mags.
  • Gamma core drivetrain, Planet Eclipses best.
  • Highly customizable picatinny rails.


  • On the 20 round mag, you turn the mag around after 10 rounds, to get to the 10 rounds on the other side of the mag.


Best woodsball gun for those who want to switch between mag fed and hopper fed guns.

Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Marker

The Empire Sniper Pump Rifle is a popular pump style sniper rifle with several features you will like.

If you hold the trigger down and pump, the marker shoots one ball for each pump thanks to the auto-trigger.

This gun is a lot of fun to play, and it will teach you patience, which is something all snipers need.


  • Comes with barrel kit- 2 piece 14 inch barrel and 3 inserts.
  • Can use 10 round feed or hopper.
  • Low-pressure operation.
  • Auto-trigger allows you to shoot with the pump.
  • Great price for all you get.


  • Exposed gas line.


Great pump style sniper gun with auto-trigger option.

Tippmann Cronus Tactical Gun

The Tippmann Cronus is a great budget priced beginner woodsball gun. It is a classic and retails at about 100 dollars less than the Tippmann A’5, but is similar in many ways.

The Cronus has no exposed gas line, which I like. It has a Picatinny rail to add attachments, nice touch!

It’s just a really great woodsball gun at a really fair price and I would not hesitate to recommend it to any new woodsball player.


  • Adjustable grip.
  • Cheap, perfect beginner woodsball gun.
  • Built to add mods and make it your own.


  • Hard to take apart if need be, but it is a very reliable gun.


Top-rated best cheap woodsball gun, perfect beginner or backup paintball gun.

Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 Paintball Marker

The EMEK 100 is one of the most popular mechanical markers and one of the best woodsball guns in the mid-level price range. You really get a lot for your money. In fact, it comes with a smooth shooting Gamma core drivetrain. Nice!

This maker is also highly upgradeable. It comes with a basic 12 inch barrel, but the auto cocker threading allows you to upgrade the barrel. If you want to get the gun accurate as possible, pick up a Freak XL barrel kit (sold separately).


  • PAL compatible.
  • Autococker threaded to easily upgrade the barrel.
  • Semi-auto, one shot per trigger pull, mechanical gun.
  • Reliable, won’t break down or chop balls.


  • Only takes compressed air, Co2 dries the O-rings.


High-quality mechanical marker that offers a lot for the money.

Planet Eclipse M170R Paintball Marker

The Planet Eclipse M170R is a sweet mechanical gun that I love for woodsball. It does not have a MilSim look, which some don’t want, which is why I included this gun, and the SP Shocker CVO on this list.

Not everyone wants a MilSim woodsball paintball gun. Mechanical woodsball markers are making a comeback, and any baller would be proud to own this top-rated mechanical woodsball paintball marker.


  • Roomy trigger frame.
  • Easy to maintain, easy to access detents and clear broken paint.
  • Comes with two piece 14 inch barrel.
  • Aluminum frame.


  • More expensive than many of the typical, basic woodsball guns out there.


If you want an accurate mechanical marker for woodsball that will “let ‘er rip”, this is your marker!

SP Shocker CVO Paintball Marker

The SP Shocker CVO is a high-end mechanical marker that has a lot in common with the other high-end mechanical Marker, the Planet Eclipse M170R.

The highlight of this gun is it comes stock with the upgraded Freak XL barrel kit with 8 inch control bore, for high accuracy. Nice! I love it!


  • Comes with two piece 14 Freak XL inch barrel.
  • Push button bolt removal.
  • Smooth, quiet operation.


  • Need an Allen wrench to access detents.


The most accurate mechanical marker you can get thanks to the included Freak XL barrel kit.

Tippmann Stryker XR1 Paintball Marker

This is one of the higher-end Tippmann guns, it is an electro-pneumatic gun that has 4 firing modes, including semi and full automatic, so it’s a blast to play, but can waste paint in those modes.

It is easy to maintain, compatible with most paintballs, thanks to the Autococker barrel threads that allow you to change out the barrel, and it is very customizable.

This is a great mid-level woodsball gun, and one of my favorite MilSim style guns with electro internals.


  • Full electro marker with a MilSim look, shoots 4 firing modes.
  • Stock included is adjustable.
  • So easy to customize with tons of mods and accessories available.


  • Manual needs improvement, hard to adjust the firing modes quickly.


Durable, realistic, fun to use fully electro woodsball gun that you will be proud to own.

Tippmann TMC Paintball Marker

The TMC is a classic Tippmann gun. It is either mag fed or hopper fed if you use the included attachment, so you can choose.

This MilSim gun has an aluminum body and was built to withstand abuse. The newer TMC guns also have the option to run your tank through the stock, which I think is a nice touch.

This gun, in my opinion, is a great into to mag fed guns, while leaving you open to use a hopper.


  • Aluminum/magnesium receiver.
  • Hopper fed or mag fed – it’s nice to have a choice.
  • Internal gas line – nice!


  • Needs a screw to remove the shroud, harder to change the barrel or clean the gun in the field.


A classic hopper or mag fed MilSim paintball gun for a reasonable price.

First Strike FS T15 Paintball Gun

The First Strike FS T15 is a realistic mag fed gun that allows you to play true one for one shots.

The best thing about this gun is its accuracy at a distance, this is where the gun shines. Each mag fires 20 rounds, without flipping the mag.

This mag fed gun also give you the option to switch to a hopper, when you want to play longer, or are in the mood to blast your opponents in paint.


  • Mag fed, true one for one shots.
  • Aluminum body, built like a beast, indestructible.
  • Highly accurate and long distances.
  • In-stock 13/3000 psi air tank – Wow!


  • Pricy.


A great mag fed woodsball gun with a built-in air tank that stays outta the way, worth every penny!

US Army Project Salvo Paintball Gun

The Project Salvo paintball marker is an A-15 styled gun with a collapsible stock and a realistic MilSim look.

It has several Picatinny rails you can use to customize the gun, and the mag is actually a toolkit, which is handy in the field.

It is offered at a fair price, it’s not cheap, yet not too expensive either, and it is so customizable, and the extras it comes with make it a great value woodsball marker.


  • Collapsing foldable stock and sites included.
  • Mag is a toolkit you can use in the field.
  • Extremely durable, stands up to rough play.


  • Exposed gas line.


Super customizable, realistic A-15 looking paintball marker for beginner to intermediate players. Very durable, lasts years and takes a beating like a champ.

Tippmann Stormer Elite Paintball Gun

The Stormer Elite has the same internals as the TMC and the Tippmann 98, and it is priced lower than the TMC because the body is composite, instead of metal.

That also makes it lighter, but technically less durable.

Some hardcore mag fed players recommend stripping the stock, or buying the basic stockless model, and using the air tank as the stock. If you remove the shroud and stock, you have one of the lightest and most nimble mag fed woodsball guns around.


  • Mag fed or hopper fed, it’s up to you.
  • Pop up front site with adjustable grip on the shroud.
  • Shroud is easy to remove with the push of a button.
  • Internal gas line.


  • Plastic/composite body is less durable than metal, but also lighter.


Great price for a great mag fed or hopper fed MilSim woodsball gun that is lightweight and easy to carry.

US Army Alpha Elite M-16 Paintball Marker

The Alpha Elite paintball marker M-16 style marker has the internals and performance of the classic of the Tippmann 98 custom, with a lot of external upgrades and a beefed up MilSim shell.

This gun looks cool and comes with a Picatinny rail, so you can upgrade, add mods and accessories and make it your own.

This is a good woodsball paintball gun at a good price.


  • Has the M-16 style shroud, handle and adjustable stock.
  • Looks Badass, at an affordable price.
  • Mechanical .68 caliber gun.


  • External gas hose.


A realistic-looking mechanical gun that is fun to play with and built like a tank. Great for ballers who play rough.

Valken M17 Magfed USA Paintball Gun

Valken M17 Magfed USA Paintball Gun

This badass MilSim gun by Valken is a mag fed paintball gun that is basically the Milsig m17 rebranded with a few very slight changes.

While this gun can be used with a hopper, it really shines as a mag fed gun and guess what? It’s compatible with First Strike paint. Nice!


  • Mag fed, compatible with .68 and First Strike paint.
  • Basically the classic and much-loved mag fed M17 marker by Milsig.
  • Compatible with a 13 inch tank.
  • Mechanical gun with semi and full auto options.


  • No Co2, HPA only!!!


Easy to maintain, reliable, accurate MilSim gun that takes both .68 and first strike paint.

Buying Guide to the Best Woodsball Paintball Guns

paintball players playing woodsball and aiming by markers

Woodsball Marker Price Range and Player Experience Level

There are woodsball guns for all levels of players and budgets.

Woodsball guns range from $100 to $1000 dollars or more. Honestly, I would not spend less than $175 for a decent woodsball marker.

If you are buying a woodsball gun for a new player, you might not head straight for the Empire DFender Paintball Marker which is a high-end marker. Although this gun is accurate, extremely durable, and virtually maintenance-free, the price tag is why this is not an ideal beginner gun.

See my recommendation for the best beginner woodsball gun below.

Mechanical or Elecro Paintball Guns?

Many people think of speedball when they thing of electro guns, and woodsball may be associated with mechanical markers.

But this is not always the case.

To be sure, many speedball guns are electric.

But you can use a speedball gun for woodsball, and there are many great woodsball guns that are electros.

There are also high-end woodsball guns out there.

Bottom line:

Woodsball is played with both electro and mechanical markers and most speedball guns can be used for woodsball.

If you are looking at speedball guns too, check out this list I put together of the best speedball guns.

Pros of Electronic Paintball Markers

  • Much faster Pew Pew! (they shoot faster).
  • Most have full auto, paint blasting mode – lot’s of firepower.
  • Usually more air efficient than mechanical markers.

Pros of Mechanical Paintball Markers

  • Usually less expensive.
  • Usually easier to clean.
  • NO BATTERIES! Woo hoo!
  • Semi-Auto One shot per trigger pull.
  • Teaches you to be fast on the trigger and sneaky.
  • More realistic simulation of a real firearm with a 1 to 1 shot.

What you choose to play with is your choice at the end of the day. They are both fun.

Paintball team in action rainy forest

Mag Fed or Hopper, or Both?

90 percent of the guns on this list are hopper fed or can be hopper fed. The others are mag fed.

Mag fed guns are truly the most realistic if you are a hardcore MilSim player.

Mags hold a limited amount of paintballs, usually up to 20, so you must judge each shot you take with care.

Mag fed is paintball is virtually the exact opposite of the spray and pray speedball you sometimes see on the field or in YouTube videos.

Speedball could use up 20 paintballs in one second. Mag fed may use 20 rounds an hour. See the difference?

MilSim Paintball Gun or Space Age Alien Blaster?

To tell you the truth, whether you choose a MilSim gun or a space gun is a matter of preference or style.


I actually like the MilSim style for woodsball.


MilSim guns blend into a natural environment a little better. Plus they often have rails for attachments and mods like sites and scopes, and that can improve your aim.


Some of the mods for space guns, like the Freak XL barrel, make the gun even more accurate, so that might give an advantage.

If you ask any random player which is better, MilSim or non-MilSim gun, the opinions will be all over the place, so it really is just a matter of preference.

Compressed Air or Co2? Plus, Tank Size!

Each gun has its own specs, so pay attention.

Some guns use only HPA, others can use Co2, and some accept both. The tank size may also vary.

There are guns that have in stock air tanks that are pretty small, like 13 inch tanks.

The Planet Eclipse MG100 PAL Marker and the First Strike FS T15 both have in stock tanks like this and that’s great! These tanks are small, light, and allow you to move easier. But they can be pricy guns.

Less expensive guns usually use larger tanks that sit attached to the back of the gun or marker.

team of paintball players with marker guns and equipment

What is the Best Woodsball Paintball Gun?

If you ask 10 players what the 10 best woodsball guns are, do you know what you get?

10 different gun recommendations. No joke!

It’s like favorite car models, or favorite colors, everyone has their own opinion.

But, just to get you headed in the right direction, here are 4 best woodsball gun suggestions. One for beginners, one for mid-level, one high-end woodsball gun, and one sniper paintball gun.

Best Beginner Budget Woodsball Gun

I believe the Tippmann Cronus Tactical paintball gun is one of the best beginner woodsball guns. It is priced right, very durable, easy to shoot, load and maintain and it is highly customizable.

It is a fun, realistic, MilSim woodsball gun many players start out on. It is MUCH better than most rental guns and the mods and accessories you can use with it really allow a player to make this paintball gun their own.

Remember, woodsball can be played with many styles of gun, not necessarily only those specific to woodsball. Check out this list of the best paintball guns for even more options.

Best Mid-Level Woodsball Gun

In my opinion, the Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 Mechanical Marker is one of the best mid-level woodsball guns you can get. For starters, it comes stock with the gamma core drivetrain, one of the best in paintball.

This midlevel paintball marker is highly customizable, pal compatible and shoots semi-auto. It is a blast to play with.

Best High-End Woodsball Gun

Probably the most underrated woodsball gun is the high-end Empire DFender Paintball Marker. It has a loader built into the stock, so there is no hopper on top blocking you view or begging to get hit.

Not only that, but the loader in the stock loads paint faster so the shot is faster and more efficient.

It is electronic, with 5 firing modes. It has a slim profile and allows you to maneuver quickly. This gun is known for its reliability, and famous for not breaking paint, even in cold weather.

Its price tag is higher than most woodsball guns, but this high-end woodsball gun is one you will be proud to own.

Best Sniper Woodsball Gun

The Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Marker is a classic pump action paintball marker that performs as well as modern guns.

This gun comes with a barrel kit for extreme accuracy, which is the hallmark trait of any good sniper. You get the two piece 14 inch barrel and three inserts.

It’s got low pressure operation and an auto trigger that allows you to pump fire while your finger is on the trigger. Seriously? They will never know what hit em’.

Article Summary

Now that you have seen the best woodsball paintball guns of 2024 its time to decide. Whether you choose mechanical or electro, go with a mag fed or a hopper, it’s all paintball, and it’s all good.

While I have you here, don’t forget to pick up a mask. Here is the Rifle Pal top picks for best paintball masks.

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Until next time,

I will see you on the field.