There are thousands of different machetes, but which one is actually the best machete?

In order to answer that question, you’re going to need to make some considerations about what you’d like to do with your machete and browse some machete reviews.

Machetes come in a wide variety of shapes, and each shape is suited to a specific style of use.

Once you know the shape you’re looking for, you’re going to need to narrow it down by finding similar machetes manufactured by the best machete brands.

It’s better to come to an informed decision and purchase a machete that will last you a lifetime.

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Choosing the Best Machete

The best machete all depends on what you intend to use that machete for. For example, the best kukri machete may not double as the best survival machete.

The best machete for clearing brush may not be the best machete for building a campsite, and these are important distinctions to make.

When shopping for a machete, make sure you’re getting one with specifications that are in line with the tasks you intend to perform.

Some machetes are designed specifically to do one or two things very well.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find a multitasking machete that will do everything for you, but it does mean you need to create a list of your priorities.

If your number one priority is to find the best kukri machete, read the machete reviews. Is this kukri capable of helping you hack down a tree?

Will it work well as a survival tool?

That all depends on the specifications of the exact tool. Machetes aren’t a one size fits all solution, which is what makes it so important that you take every aspect of the design of the machete into consideration before you make your final choice.

The Best Machete Brands

There are many machete brands that create subpar tools and sell them for cheap. These machetes aren’t going to last you a very long time.

You’ll need to sharpen them frequently if the blades don’t chip away or crack with use. If you’re not sure where to start looking for a machete, consider some of the best machete brands.


Gerber is a leading high-quality machete manufacturer. They’re one of the best machete brands, and their quality is backed by many years of experience.

Gerber makes a wide variety of backpacking knives and outdoor tools, and you’ll appreciate this brand if you’re looking for the best survival machete.


Condor knife and tool make both indoor and outdoor equipment.

They cater to the carpenter, the landscaper, and the camper equally. They make some of the best machetes in a large array of styles, so everyone will be able to find a machete among Condor’s selection that will work for them.


Ontario makes everything from folding knives to kitchen cutlery. In addition to their basic household staples, they also offer quite a number of knives the outdoorsman can appreciate.

Among these are their machetes, and they make one of nearly every style. Ontario is best known for their black carbon finish on blades, which keeps them looking newer for longer while weatherproofing the knife.


SOG is a specialty knife company that also manufactures unique tools. They’re best known for their machetes and outdoor tools.

SOG might seem like a budget company on the surface, but they manage to create some pretty exceptional machetes for a reasonable price.

Whether you’re a serious machete enthusiast or just someone looking to cut your bushes, you’ll be impressed with SOG’s machetes.


Tramontina makes straightforward machetes in classic blade shapes with solid wooden handles.

All of their blades are forged from top-quality high carbon steel, making them easy to maintain and helping them keep their edges for longer than the machetes made by competitors and sold for a similar price.

Tramontina is a budget brand that you can rely on.

machete with camping gear on table

TOP 5 Best Machetes Reviewed 2024

Once you know what you’re looking for and understand which machete brands are top tier, it’s time to peruse the machete reviews to determine which machete will help you get the job done.

These are some of the best machetes available, and each one offers its own unique abilities. All you have to do is identify a machete with the features you need.

Ontario SP8 Survival Machete

This survival machete features Ontario Knife’s signature black powder-coated blade.

The irregular rectangular shape of this machete boasts some surprising capabilities, and you’ll never run out of ways to use that shape to your advantage.

This is more than your average machete – it’s designed to hold up to anything you might put it through.

If you want a machete you can hunt, camp, hike, and fish with, you won’t find a better compromise than this one.


  • Features a full saw back that’s useful for cutting rope or even tree limbs. In a pinch, you can use it to field dress something that you’re hunted.
  • The flat edges of the machete make it great for digging, scraping, and carving. It’s great for scraping up the tinder you’d need to start a fire at your campsite.
  • The ten-inch blade is long enough to be fully functional, but not so large that you’d have a difficult time carrying it with you through the woods.


  • Since the blade is completely straight, it won’t grab and pull on things like brush or twigs.


This is the best survival machete. It’s made to hold up to any campsite task, including the act of building your actual campsite from scratch.

If you want a machete that you can rely on as your only tool when you’re out in the wilderness, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this one.

Not many machetes work just as well at splitting logs as they do at skinning a deer, making this an excellent and rare find.

Gerber Gator Machete

Gerber makes some iconic machetes. Whether you’re new to machetes or you’ve been using them for years, you’re probably familiar with the Gerber brand.

This is their standard machete, but it’s built to the highest quality standard. The blade itself is an impressive 18 inches long, and it comes with a specially fitted nylon sheath to securely hold the machete when it’s not in use.


  • The handle features Gerber’s signature tactile rubber grip. It won’t get slippery when it’s wet, and it will fit ergonomically within the contours of your hand.
  • The saw back of this blade is 18 inches long. If you’re trying to knock down a thick tree limb, this blade will make things much easier. Most other machetes don’t feature a saw back that’s this long.
  • Machete is both lightweight and durable. Your arm won’t tire out too fast from repeatedly swinging this machete.


  • Sheath is made of nylon. You’ll need to be careful when sheathing and unsheathing the blade that you aren’t tearing the fibers with the saw back.


This is a solid staple as far as machetes go. If you’re looking for a standard machete that will last you for a few decades with relatively little maintenance, this is the machete you want.

The price is reasonable enough even for someone who won’t use a machete on a regular basis. If you only need it for yard maintenance or to help you process firewood, it’s still practically a steal.

Anyone can pick up this machete and use it right out of the packaging thanks to its simplicity, and they’ll be able to use it for years thanks to its durability.

Condor Tools & Knives Heavy Duty Kukri Knife

This kukri machete is more than just a premium quality knife – it’s also breathtaking to look at.

Condor has equipped this blade with a solid hardwood handle and polished it off with a blasted satin finish.

The kukri itself is a 9-inch blade with a full tang, giving you a wide range as well as great balance. It features 68 sculpted vents as well as replaceable soft pads.


  • The cutting surface itself is large and significantly tapered. This makes the knife both easy to sharpen and easy to work with. You’ll be able to cut through vast amounts of branches at one time or even hack through a bale of hay thanks to the way the cutting surface tapers down to its fine edge.
  • The pommel of the kukri is thick and flares out. This will keep the machete from flying out of your hand when you’re repetitively swinging it.
  • Comes with a genuine leather sheath that will last an eternity.


  • Since the handle is hardwood instead of rubber or plastic, it doesn’t offer a textured grip.


This is the best kukri machete. It’s a premium quality tool that anyone would be proud to own. You can’t beat the convenience of a kukri for tasks like clearing brushes or knocking down small saplings.

You can even prepare meals with this, or use the point as a carving tool.

Kukris are a very special kind of machete designed for aerodynamic motion, and if you truly need that range of motion, you can’t afford to be without one.

SOG SOGfari Machete MC02-N

This exact machete comes in two size variations – 18 inch and 13 inch.

If you love the style but you’d prefer one size over the other, you’re able to make that choice. It features a rubberized, textured handle with an adequate grip for all weather conditions.

This is a traditionally shaped machete, with a narrower base and a wider tip. You’re getting an excellent tool for a reasonable price.


  • Saw back boasts deeply serrated edges to help you get a better cut. This is ideal for cutting vines and clearing brush.
  • There is sufficient space between where the saw back starts and the front of the handle. This protects your thumb from slipping and getting cut on the serrated edges.
  • The pommel of the blade features a glass breaker, which is something you rarely see on the handle of the machete. You never know when a glass breaker will come in handy, and you’ll appreciate having one when you need it.


  • This machete is designed for light use. It’s not the kind of machete you’d want to use for cutting down whole trees or processing firewood.


This is the perfect machete the one that needs such a tool for light work. If you have climbing vines on the side of your house or near your fence, this is good enough to get the job done.

It’s great for trimming large hedges or twiggy trees. If you’re not looking for industrial-quality tools with features you’ll never use, this is the perfect machete for you. It excels at light maintenance.

Tramontina Machete Wood Handle

This machete is easily a top pick for the avid outdoorsman. It’s designed like a gentleman’s tool, and it’s built to the quality standard you’ve come to expect from one.

This machete features a high carbon steel blade that’s easy to sharpen with just a few passes and a solid hardwood handle.


  • This machete is simple in the fact that all of the focus goes into the quality of the blade. This machete’s blade is the same quality as a professional chef’s knife, and is designed to be used with the exact same precision.
  • Blade length is 18 inches, giving you great reach when it comes to tall treetops or large bushes.
  • Hardwood handle won’t crack or fall apart like plastic and rubber handles tend to do with time.


  • This machete doesn’t feature a saw back.


This is a perfect machete for anyone who is looking specifically for a wood-cutting tool. It’s not made for sawing, but it’s perfect for splitting logs and cutting through thin trees.

It’s a traditional style in a classic design, and you’ll be proud to add it to your knife collection.

Buying The Perfect Machete

Machetes are a specialty task tool, and you may find that you’ll need more than one to do everything you want to do.

Finding the best machete largely depends on how you intend to use that machete, and what you expect it to do.

Many people purchase more than one machete. If you want the best kukri machete but you also want a machete that can help you shape your hedges, you can always get one for each task.

Also, if you are looking for serious survival tools, you might also be interested in some of the best camping axes and hatchets. But for something that takes up less space, take a look at the best backpacking and camping saws.

Want to stick to using a knife? Take a look at our survival knife guide!