Paintball has a long history, going back to the late 60’s.


Today it’s the year 2024, and quite a few things have changed since then, including which companies have the best paintball brands.

So, here I present to you, in no particular order, the 18 best paintball brands of 2024.


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TOP 18 Best Paintball Brands 2024


What they are about:

Dye is one of the largest and most popular paintball brands available today. Dye has been evolving right along with the sport of paintball for over 20 years.

They have some of the most premium gear for speedball, including the Dye M3+ marker, apparel like slide shorts, and other gear, like goggles. Dye is among the top paintball brands.

Why they made my list:

Dye makes high-quality gear, with extreme attention to detail and has the best style out there. Anything you get from Dye, you can be sure it will look good and function well, right out of the box.

Some Dye gear:

Dye M3+ Paintball Marker

This Dye speedball marker feels balanced in your hands, is designed to look good and perform great and it’s easy to maintain. It is a cut above other mass-produced speedball guns.

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Dye i5 Paintball Goggle

The Dye goggle is feather-light and includes a built-in communication system. It’s the best of the best.

Do you need to pick up a mask? While I highly recommend this Dye i5 mask, it’s expensive. Check out this list of the best paintball masks for a list of affordable masks that perform great too!


What they are about:

MacDev started engineering all aluminum markers in Australia in the 90’s, so they know what’s, what when it comes to paintball. They know engineering, hydraulics, pneumatics, and how to make kick-ass spool valve-driven paintball markers, and that’s why we love them.

They also sell aftermarket parrels and a few other accessories for their guns.

Why they made my list:

They make some of the best spool valve driven paintball markers for speedball and paintball.

Some of their gear:

MacDev Prime XTS Paintball Gun

This gun is always on target and works when you need it. It is made to withstand harsh environments without being a punk.

GI Sportz

What they are about:

GI Sportz makes a gang of paint, lots of gear and a few markers.

GI Sportz also swallowed up Empire Paintball, Spyder, JT Paintball and Tippmann, VForce and Tippmann Tactical to make quite a tidy little paintball kingdom. Well played, GI Sportz!

Why they made my list:

They own everything, they make some great paint and gear, and they spell “sports” with a Z. What’s not to love?

Some G.I. Sportz gear:

GI Sportz Glide Paintball Pants

Pants are a must. Literally, they won’t let you on the field in your undies. These GI Sportz slide pants are awesome. They have built-in oversized knee pads and they are durable and light. You will love them!

GI Sportz XBALL Certified Midnight Paintballs

GI Sportz makes all kinds and grades of paintballs. Seriously, look them up!

Fun Fact: It takes 3 days to make a paintball, including drying time, quality control and packaging.


What they are about:

Empire is old school cool, while staying focused on the future. They make markers for speedball, woodsball and good old mechanical markers too. Mechanical markers are making a comeback, so I love that there are still old school brands out there making them.


Empire also makes some nice gear and accessories.

Why they made my list:

I love the AXE marker, but seems like the Vanquish marker is giving AXE a run for the money.

Some Empire Paintball gear:

Empire AXE SYX Paintball Marker

The AXE SYX paintball marker has a streamlined look, high performance, feels great and is long lasting.

JT Paintball

What they are about:

JT makes some entry-level paintball markers and gear, for those just starting out, and have a tight budget. Their gear is basic but affordable, opening up the game to more players.

Why they made my list:

They make affordable stuff and several goggles that function well. JT makes gear every player needs at a price that is hard to beat.

I appreciate the fact that they make the sport accessible to all.

Some JT Paintball gear:

JT Paintball Hopper

This hopper is a good cheap hopper. Just the basics!

JT Premise Headshield Paintball Goggle

The JT headshield is a great, affordable mask goggle with head protection. Nice!


What they are about:

Tippmann is a classic paintball company focused on tactical paintball, woodsball and mag-fed guns. Tippmann is one of the best paintball companies for tactical guns.

Their guns have an authentic look and are built like a tank, practically indestructible.

Why they made my list:

They are a classic and no other paintball gun maker that I know of goes into tactical paintball guns quite the way Tippmann does, while remaining affordable. Tippmann is truly in a class of their own.

Some of their gear:

Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber

A great cyclone feed gun for woodsball that is dependable and realistic looking.

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Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker

Latest mag fed gun by Tippmann. Reliable, with many ways to add accessories.

First Strike/ Tiberius Arms/ Guerrilla Air

What they are about:

First Strike, which now includes Tiberius Arms and Guerrilla Air, is another paintball brand that focuses on tactical guns.

They do not sell much gear, keeping their focus on an impressive array of markers, pistols, and tactical guns and their parts and accessories.

Why they made my list:

They sell some of the most innovative tactical guns and paintball markers, with a wide selection.

Some of their gear:

First Strike FS T15

A realistic, mag fed, tactical paintball gun with a good following.


What they are about:

Valken makes some inexpensive markers, tactical guns and even paint. But when I think of Valken, what comes to mind is gear, specifically gear bags and pants.

Why they made my list:

Valken makes awesome paintball pants and kitbags that are a good value for the money. Nearly all the ballers I know own at least one piece of Valken gear.

Some of their gear:

Valken Fate Exo Jogger Paintball Pants

These pants are offered at a decent price, have protective slider style knee pads and a built-in cinch belt so they always stay secure, slide after slide.

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Valken Graffiti Paintballs

Accurate, weather-resistant and mag-fed compatible, these Valken paintballs are a good deal and won’t disappoint.

HK Army

What they are about:

HK army partnered with DLX Technologies for the infamous A51 AL LUXE X marker and HK Army makes a ton of great gear, pants, jerseys, paint and more.

They have some hot looking gear, but it can be a little expensive. However their feeders and other accessories work well and don’t disappoint, so they are worth the money!

Why they made my list:

HK Army has a strong focus on high-end speedball gear and markers, they are a must for this best paintball brands list.

They have some of the best gear you can get, if you can afford it.

Some of their gear:

HK Army Luxe X Paintball Gun Marker

Made with DLX technologies, this marker is one of the most high end speedball markers on the market today.

HK Army Expand Gearbag

HK Army makes some great gear bags, and this expand bag proves it. It holds all your gear, keeps it organized, and expands from the bottom when you need space.


What they are about:

Azodin is all about bringing low prices and good quality to entry-level and intermediate players who cannot dump a thousand dollars into a marker.

Why they made my list:

They make markers that are a good value for the money, allowing anyone to get into the game.

Some of their gear:

Azodin Blitz 3

Very affordable marker that is easy to upgrade. A nice entry-level marker.


What they are about:

Exalt makes a ton of marker accessories, upgrades, tank covers, swabs, grips and of course, protective gear. If it’s in your kitbag, odds are, exalt makes something like it.

Why they made my list:

They have this squeegee/swab I love. Since they specialize in only gear, not guns, they are really good at what they make.

Some of their gear:

Exalt Paintball Barrel Maid Swab

The Barrell Maid squeegee Contracts to insert and expands as you pull out, so you don’t push paint up your barrel. The swab goes in after for a final clean and polish. Clever design, I like it!

Exalt Paintball T4 Pants

The Exalt pants are well padded and great for sliding. Durable and with a comfy mesh lining so they do not stick to you if you sweat.

Planet Eclipse

What they are about:

Planet Eclipse has been around a while, and got their start across the pond, in England. They were the first to create an electric upgrade for the autococker and are known for the Ego, Geo, Etek, SL, CS2, Etha and now EMEK guns.

They also sell accessories for these guns and are a classic maker in the industry.

Why they made my list:

Planet Eclipse is a classic paintball company with some very nice markers.

Some of their gear:

Planet Eclipse EMEK 100

One of the best mechanical paintball markers around. Easy to maintain and enjoyable to use.

Dangerous Power Paintball

What they are about:

Dangerous Power Paintball is a relatively young paintball company out of so Cal.

They make some nice markers that have tournament level quality at an accessible price. If you do not have thousands to spend on a marker, give Dangerous Power a try.

Why they made my list:

They have some reasonably priced tournament quality guns and it is easy to find parts for them. They are a gem, seriously!

Some of their gear:

Dangerous Power G5 Spec-R Paintball Marker

You will not be disappointed with this gun, it works well and performs, at a fraction of the price of those other guys.


What they are about:

Maddog is all about gear. Specifically, harness, tactical vests, tanks and other CO2 necessities. Plus they have some great protective gear. The best part? All their gear is priced right, IMO.

Why they made my list:

Maddog is on my list because their prices are fair and they have gear the other guys don’t.

Some of their gear:

Maddog Lightweight Tactical Paintball Sport Vest

This vest holds pods and tanks like a champ. This tactical vest was designed specifically for paintball and it shows.

Looking for a tactical vest to add to your kitbag? I have just the list. Here are the best tactical vests. Enjoy!

Maddog 20 Oz Refillable Aluminum CO2 Paintball Tank

Compare this tank with the others and you will see what I mean. The price is great and the performance is there. It’s a smart buy.


What they are about:

Shocktech is an elite paintball marker brand, making some of the most high-end paintball guns you can get.

Shocktech is the king of aftermarket and custom parts, too. If you want a gun that looks better, and performs better, turn to Shocktech and you won’t be disappointed.

Why they made my list:

I would be remiss to exclude Shocktech from my list, they are truly one of the best paintball brands out there, even if their website needs some work. They are one of the best at what they do-making high-end paintball guns.

Some of their gear:

Shocktech CG2 “Chicago Mob” Marker

Sexy as all get out, with the internals to match. This gun is a killer, and I love it! This is Shocktech’s top of the line paintball gun. It’s hand-tuned, and ships in a hard case. Gotta love it!

Field One /Bob Long BLAST

What they are about:

Team Dynasty manager Eric Crandall bought BLAST back in 2016 and has been going strong since 2016 as Field One. Their Field One Force is a high-end tournament marker any baller would be proud to own.

Why they made my list:

Bob long BLAST technology is legendary and Field One is maintaining the same level of innovation.

Some of their gear:

Field One Force.

The Field One Force is a high-end spool valve, tournament-level paintball gun.

SP paintball (Shocker)

What they are about:

Shocker paintball makes one mechanical and one electrical mid to high-end level paintball marker along with quality aftermarket parts and accessories for those guns.

I love the clean look, and smooth shooting of both of these finely crafted markers.

Why they made my list:

They got good guns, hun!

Some of their gear:

SP Shocker CVO Mechanical Paintball Marker

The Shocker SP CVO is a mechanical marker, and thank goodness for that, because mechanical markers are making a comeback.


What they are about:

GOG focuses on the entry-level and mid-level recreational paintball markers and parts. Their prices are great, and allow just about any player a chance to get a good marker to play at a reasonable price.


The marker can be upgraded a bit with a better loader and the Freak XL Barrel.

Why they made my list:

They have pretty good markers just about anyone can afford.

Some of their gear:

GOG eNMEy Paintball Marker

A budget level paintball marker that is way more accurate and powerful than rental markers which you all know suck.

Freak GOG Barrel Kit

Get a more powerful, quieter shot from your marker, using less PSI, just by switching to the freak barrel. What a deal!

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Whether you are into speedball or woodsball, or are a recreational or tourney level player, there are several brands on this list of the best paintball brands to fit your baller style.

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