Airsoft guns fire tiny plastic BB pellets at high velocity speeds – and you’ll suffer a sharp sting and have a nice, red welt if your skin is not protected after a hit.

Now, imagine what that would do to your eye.

That’s why the single most important piece of equipment when it comes to playing airsoft is your eye protection.

This can come in many forms, but in this article, we’re exploring the best airsoft goggles on the market.

If you’d prefer something that covers the full face, you can have a look at these excellent paintball masks, instead.

But at the very least, airsofters need to shield their eyes, so read on to discover the best peeper protection available today.

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The 13 Best Airsoft Goggles in 2024

Pyramex V2G Safety Glasses

Pyramex is a leading PPE company providing exceptional safety gear and apparel worldwide for nearly 30 years. Although their V2G glasses are at the budget-friendly end of this review, it doesn’t mean to say they don’t lack quality.

The super-low profile design is ideal for airsofters who want their eye protection to be as subtle as possible, with vented lenses to increase airflow. With a choice of either a headband or temple arms with ratchet adjustment – you can be sure they will fit perfectly.

And the scratch-resistant, polycarbonate lenses offer 99% UV protection from the sun, while completely sealing around the eyes.


  • Outstanding price.
  • Flame-resistant foam padding.
  • Choice of colors and styles.
  • Low profile.
  • Very highly rated.


  • Will still have some fogging issues.
  • No use for glasses wearers.
  • Not the most comfortable goggles out there.
  • Might not be enough protection for some.


For an entry-level option if you’re looking for decent eye-protection at an excellent price point. Just don’t expect them to be the best airsoft goggles out there.

Pyramex Highlander Plus Safety Goggles

Staying with Pyramex now for our second entry with these popular Highlander Plus safety goggles. They have a little more substance to their design compared to the V2G model, with a resilient, durable frame that offers an extended side shield for extra protection.

A fully adjustable, elasticated strap has a quick-release and attaches for a secure fit around the temples, while the removable inner foam provides a barrier against dust, airborne particles, and – preferably – BB pellets.

Plus, the sporty look and feel will be right at home with any number of activities or work situations where you need eye protection.


  • Excellent price.
  • Low profile.
  • Very highly rated.
  • Choice of colored lenses.
  • 99% UV safe.
  • Attractive look.


  • Easy to spot in the field.
  • Prone to fogging.
  • Might be uncomfortable around the ears for some.
  • Not suitable for glasses wearers.


For anyone looking for sporty eye protection then the Highlander Plus could be the way to go. Stylish, versatile, and very affordable, expect to be asked where you got them.

Neiko 53875B Protective Safety Goggles

These polycarbonate safety goggles might look something close to what you wore in chemistry class, but boy do they do the job they’re meant for.

Meeting all the high-impact requirements, they’re perfectly suitable for use as firearm goggles at the shooting range. The dual-injected rubber design conforms to the face and fits over regular glasses to provide an excellent field of view, while the hard plastic lenses are scratch proof, and waterproof.

Air vents reduce the chances of fogging, and the adjustable comfort strap is designed to fit a wide variety of head sizes.


  • Great price.
  • Super-safe design.
  • Very highly rated.
  • Versatile use.
  • Wide field of vision.


  • Large profile.
  • A bit dorky-looking.


As safe as safety goggles come, the only problem being they look better suited for the laboratory rather than the airsoft field. Still, that field of vision is excellent for playing the sport, and they’re probably one of the best airsoft goggles for glasses out there.

Fansport Airsoft Mask Tactical Goggles Set

Now, this might be cheating a bit, as we’ve already covered the best airsoft masks in another review – but I thought I’d include this set anyway to give you the choice.

Let’s start with the most important part, the durable eye protection made from ABS and PC plastic. Fully adjustable, they’re lightweight, highly flexible, and provide a wrap-around shield for the eyes with foam padding inside for comfort.

Coupled with the lower face mask with meshed protection around the nose and mouth, it’s an ideal combination for anyone getting into airsoft for the first time.


  • Great price for what you get.
  • Choice of colors available.
  • UV protection.
  • Excellent breathability and ventilation.


  • Ventilation holes might still allow a pellet through.


For a one-stop-shop airsoft mask set, you could do much worse than this. Just remember that your neck and ears will still be exposed.

Pyramex I-Force Sporty Dual Pane Goggles

We return to Pyramex now with their very highly rated I-Force goggles, probably the best airsoft safety glasses from the company’s range.

Very similar in style to the Highlander, the main difference being the addition of a secondary lens. Dual-pane lenses prevent fogging up, while the outer layer has been coated with H2X anti-fog technology for additional help in combating poor vision as a result of you sweating buckets.

The ratcheting quick-release systems offer interchangeable temples and strap, and the scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens provides 99% UVA/B/C protection.


  • Thermal lens system.
  • Vented foam carriage.
  • Choice of lens colors.
  • Very highly rated.
  • Low profile.
  • Used by many airsoft players.


  • No use for glasses wearers.
  • Might still be susceptible to fogging.


Overall a quality pair of safety glasses that can be used for multiple activities and/or work. Take them on the building site, use them for cycling, and wear them in the shop. But of all the Pyramex products, these are the best for airsoft.

Lancer Tactical Ca-221B Airsoft Goggles

Coming from renowned airsoft company Lancer Tactical, these vented safety goggles are the first entry in our review that has been made specifically with the sport in mind.

The tough and durable polyurethane thermoplastic frame allows airflow through the system to prevent fog ups, and the padded foam inserts are super comfortable to wear with a full seal around the eyes.

The vents are angled to prevent BBs from sneaking in, and so long as your glasses aren’t too large, they’re compatible with your other optics if you’re a spectacle wearer.


  • Name to trust in airsoft.
  • Good field of vision.
  • Stylish black design.
  • Full seal around the eyes.


  • Single pane still can fog.
  • Venting isn’t the best.


Out of the box these goggles might need a little modification in order to work as intended, especially when it comes to the venting system. However, for the price they’re still a great option and provide full coverage, high-impact protection for your sight organs.

Rothco SWAT Tec Tactical Goggles

A supplier of military, tactical, outdoor, and survival products, Rothco has been in the game since 1953, and today offers some excellent gear and apparel for MilSim (Military Simulation) airsofters and war gamers.

These SWAT single-lens tactical goggles certainly have a professional look and feel, with a shatterproof lens, anti-scratch, and anti-fog polycarbonate construction. Inner foam padding keeps things comfortable, while the elasticated strap is easy to adjust for the perfect fit.

Check out these awesome tactical shooting gloves if you’re keen on building that ultra-realistic special forces look.


  • Smart, tactical design.
  • UV 400 protection.
  • Microfiber pouch for cleaning and storage.
  • Ideal for glasses wearers.
  • Good quality tint.


  • Larger profile.
  • Might be too dark for some/not good indoors.


Look like the professionals with these SWAT-style safety goggles from Rothco, clearly designed for solid, wrap-around protection – as well as offering that all-important badass aesthetic.

XAegis Airsoft Tactical Safety Goggles

These airsoft goggles from XAegis offer the wearer the chance to switch out the lenses if they so choose, depending on if one gets damaged, or if you need to change your optics for whatever reason – such as playing in ever-shifting conditions.

They come in yellow, smoke, and clear variants, with a rapid, tool-less lens change system and impact-resistant TPU frame.

Internally, a soft and comfortable hypo-allergenic rubber portion allows the goggles to sit well on your face, with a vented design for improved airflow and prevent fogging.

A cloth sleeve offers some additional protection across the strap to the back of your head, and doubles as a lens cover when not in use.


  • Lightweight, flexible design.
  • Choice of three colors.
  • Lens kit included.
  • Detachable headband.
  • Carry bag.


  • The colors aren’t great.
  • Too small for glasses.


The addition of three different colored lenses and tool-less change system make this a great option for combat sports enthusiasts who play in all weather conditions.

Valken Airsoft Zulu Thermal Lens Goggles

Perhaps more well-known for their paintball equipment, guns, and gear, New Jersey-based Valken produces some popular, quality airsoft goods, too.

Their Zulu model thermal lens goggles is one such example; low profile eye protection with quick release interchangeable temples and elastic strap. It’s a dual lens, thermal set up, so you’re afforded the best possible anti-fog technology, in whatever conditions you’re playing in.

Full wrap-around seal protects your eyes without the risk of BBs sneaking through vents or gaps, and of course, it meets all high-impact regulations for your peace of mind.


  • Name to trust in airsoft.
  • Stylish, low profile design.
  • Replacement lenses available.
  • Lightweight.
  • Highly rated.


  • No use if you wear glasses.
  • The strap isn’t the most robust.


One of Valken’s better airsoft goggle products, the Zulu is popular in the community for its wrap-around style, and anti-fog capabilities.

Revision Military Desert Locust Basic Kit

The Desert Locust kit from Revision Military offers superior ballistic protection that exceeds military impact requirements, meaning it’s more than safe for use in conjunction with an airsoft game.

The scratch-resistant lenses are fully interchangeable, while top and lateral airflow vents improve the anti-fogging capabilities. There’s an OcuMax coating to prevent further fogging and scratching, which should ensure clear vision throughout the game day, and you’ll have an unbeatable field of vision with zero distortion.


  • Flagship model.
  • Military supplier.
  • Compatible with other Revision products.
  • Wide field of view.
  • Super comfortable.


  • Too curved for glasses wearers.


Designed with military use in mind, these goggles are well worth checking out if you’re looking for something comfortable with wrap-around protection.

Bolle X800 Tactical Assault Goggles

These tactical assault goggles might be a little on the pricey side, but they do feature an awful lot in airsoft videos and on YouTube channels.

Providing full, panoramic optics, they’re possibly the best airsoft goggle on the market for field of vision, made with shatterproof polycarbonate with anti-fogging capabilities.

Used by law enforcement and the military, they’ve been trusted by the professionals for over 20 years, and are compatible with all types of helmets if you’re striving for that MilSim realism.


  • World-class construction and design.
  • Ultra-ventilated frame.
  • Super lightweight.
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings.
  • Hard carry case included.


  • Expensive.


While I feel the amazing ventilation on these goggles still might pose a risk of a BB sneaking through, general reports from the field say this just doesn’t happen. As a result, they’re possibly one of the best anti-fog airsoft goggles on the market.

Empire E-Mesh Airsoft Goggle System

Empire are one of the best paintball brands in the business, so naturally, they carry their safety expertise over to airsoft with this outstanding goggles and mesh mask combination. It’s all here, ready to go right out of the box, full of features to get the best out of your airsoft day.

The thermal dual lenses offer anti-fog technology with zero optical distortion, and it uses their vents system for rapid, tool-less lens changes if required. The lower mesh skirt is built-in and offers superior breathability, as well as the opportunity for clear communication with your team.

Thermo-foam earpieces protect your lug holes, and the aesthetic in general is top drawer stuff.


  • Name to trust.
  • All-in-one protection system.
  • Premium quality materials.
  • Choice of lens colors
  • Stylish Empire logos.
  • Strap with silicone bead.


  • On the expensive side.


This mask is awesome. It looks awesome, it feels awesome, it performs awesome – so it must be awesome. But then, you would expect no less from Empire – and at this price point, too.

ESS Eyewear Profile Turbofan Goggles

Some players love them, other players not so much. I’m talking about ballistic goggles with a built-in fan system for combating an airsofter’s nemesis and number-one enemy – fog.

Do they work? It depends on whom you talk to. Still, if you’ve tried everything else to banish the blinding mist then it might be worth trying this version from ESS Eyewear.

Powered by a single AA battery, the push-button operation draws air into the goggle system and out through the top, for over 150 hours of fog-free game play – even in hot, sweaty conditions. Give them a try, you be the judge, and let me know how you get on.


  • Fully ballistic certified.
  • Clear and smoke lens included.
  • Auto-off feature.
  • 100% UVA/UVB filtration.
  • Suitable for all weather operations.


  • Very expensive.
  • Noisy fan.
  • Mixed reviews in the community.


It might work for you, it might not – that’s the risk you have to take if you’ve tried everything else to keep the fog away (and your budget can cover it). Still, it’s top-quality and works well as an airsoft goggle system in its own right.

How to Choose the Best Airsoft Goggles – What You Need to Look For

Keep your eyes peeled below folks, and you’ll discover a handy buying guide that will help point you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the best protection for your peepers.

airsoft players holding guns amid smoke in forest


The most important aspect of a pair of safety goggles is how well they’re going to protect your eyes. How they look should be the afterthought.

I have made it priority to only include the products in this review that have passed rigorous testing, and have achieved the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) 787.1 rating for ballistic eyewear.

This means that they are safe to withstand high impacts from small projectiles and fragments, and as such deemed suitable for use on an airsoft field or in an arena.

Also, look out for eyewear that passes US military ballistic specifications (MIL-PRF-31013) and European Standards (CE EN166).

Please, don’t cut corners with this. Always choose eye protection that has been certified by one or more of these official bodies.

And a word of caution about mesh eye protection. There are players who still use it (given the fact that it will never fog up) but BBs or shards of BBs can and do sneak through.

It’s best to use solid lenses that completely seal around your eyes, and leave the mesh masks for lower face guards.


Once you’ve got the safety aspect figured out and you know the goggles are certified for ballistic use, you can start to narrow down the particular style you’re looking for.

I’ve included a good selection of designs in this review, from low profile safety-glasses, to heavier-duty goggles, and all-inclusive masks.

The style you choose will likely have a lot to do with the rest of your equipment and how the aesthetic all fits together.

Alternatively, you might not care about this aspect at all, and as long as it does the job of keeping BBs out of your eyes – how it looks doesn’t matter.

Thankfully, with good airsoft safety goggles today it doesn’t have to be a trade-off, as most products are not only safe, but also super-stylish and designed to fit any look.

It’s easy to look and feel like a pro.

And if it’s military accuracy you’re going for, also check out some of these tactical backpacks to complete your MilSim equipment collection.

airsoft man with optical sight sniper rifle

Field of Vision

Safety goggles shouldn’t restrict your field of vision, but unfortunately, by their very nature, sometimes this is unavoidable.

Depending on the size, shape, and level of protection these products offer, you might find that your peripheral vision is a little hampered and the number of degrees you can see has been significantly lowered.

Try to choose a pair of safety goggles with the greatest field of vision possible, so you’re not hampered on the playing field. Read the reviews and take on board the advice from other airsofters to help you in your search.

And goggles with a good field of vision will be better for aiming down the sights of these excellent airsoft rifles – because even if you’re spraying hundreds of BBs a minute, you still need to hit the target.

Anti-fog/Air Flow

When it comes to safety goggles, airsofters will tell you the number one bone of contention is fogging. For years, manufacturers have been trying to come up with a permanent solution.

The fact that you’re running around like a headless chicken, sweating and breathing heavily, means that unless your eye protection has adequate ventilation – you’re not going to be able to see a thing.

And fogging can ruin the whole game day for any player.

Of course, you can always opt for something like the Exfog fan system – which might be pricey but it’s compatible with most airsoft goggle styles and will banish that fog for good.

And then there are the products that carry a built-in fan already on board, such as the ESS Eyewear Turbofan.

Look out for goggles with plenty of vents and airflow as the bare minimum for helping to reduce fog. And thermal (dual) lenses are much more preferable to singles and are proven to be the best anti-fog goggles for airsoft on the market.

Lens System and Colors

Depending on the conditions or the type of game you’re playing, you might want to be able to switch out the lens system in your goggles.

In bright sunshine, if it’s overcast, if you’re inside or out, in the woods, or otherwise, or perhaps you’ve just damaged the lens in some way – it’s nice to be able to remove and replace optics if required.

You can either look out for products that have such a feature, or own a selection of safety glasses with different colored lenses.

And where this might be a practical solution in some cases, in others it’s purely for aesthetics. Some players like mirrored or black-out lenses – so nobody can see the whites of their eyes…

Although the video below is aimed at paintball masks, colored lenses do the same thing regardless of which combat sport you’re playing.

So, it’s worth checking out for a more in-depth look at what the colors and styles all mean, when you should wear them, and which would be best for you and your game.

Straps and Padding

Comfort is also a high priority when choosing a pair of airsoft goggles, as you don’t want anything that’s going to squeeze your head, rub your skin, or irritate you in any way once the game kicks off.

That’s why the foam padding and the strap system is important, and you’ll want to find something that has good quality materials designed to provide a good fit.

Removable, and fully adjustable hardware on airsoft goggles is nearly always a good thing – so you can make sure it fits the contours of your face without abrasion, and with a good seal around the eyes.

Not all heads are the same, and the better a pair of goggles can adapt and address this, the more likely you’ll have a comfortable user experience all round.

Face Mask Compatibility

While we’re on the subject of comfort, it’s also worth talking about your chosen eye protection being compatible with your lower face mask.

When purchased separately, (as many players are want to do) it can be a challenge to ensure both your goggles and airsoft mask fit snugly together.

Having gaps where a BB can sneak in and potentially leave a nasty welt on the bridge of your nose or somewhere on your cheek are best to be avoided.

Many players just prefer to get an all-in-one solution that removes this complication, such as the popular Empire E-Mesh system, or even a full coverage paintball mask.

Bear in mind it might take a bit of trial and error to get your look and fit just right – but persevere, because there is a mask and goggle combo out there for everyone.


Airsoft safety goggles won’t break the bank, and contrary to other departments in the airsoft hobby, good quality optics are actually quite affordable.

However, if you start going fancy with built-in fans, or premium materials, then it can mount up.

So long as you make sure the goggles you buy pass the required safety standards for ballistics – then you should be able to save yourself some money.

airsoft sniper with automatic rifle and mask


Do I need to wear goggles for airsoft?

Some kind of approved ballistic-safe eye protection is needed to play airsoft. That can be goggles, safety/shooting glasses, or a full face mask – just so long as your eyes are fully covered.

You will not be allowed onto a commercial airsoft field without eyewear. To be honest, anyone who attempts to play the sport without eye protection needs to have their head examined.

What is the best airsoft goggle?

Personally, I think it’s a toss up between the Bolle X800 and the Empire E-Mesh system. I like the ventilation and style of both, and they’re fully regulated to pass ballistic eye protection protocols.

However, one person’s dream is another’s nightmare – and you might not like either. Again, so long as the product is designed to fully protect your eye – it gets a thumbs up from me.

Are airsoft mesh goggles safe?

Yes and no. They can be – but you just never know when a BB pellet my splinter and fragments slip through the mesh.

There’s plenty of evidence of this occurring on airsoft fields around the world, so I would recommend that you err on the side of caution and use a full cover, ballistic-safe lens instead.

Aside from that, you’ll get a better field of view, and playing indoors can often seem much darker if you’re wearing mesh goggles.

How do you wear glasses with goggles?

Certain kinds of eye protection will not be compatible with wearing prescription glasses underneath.

As a rule of thumb, this will usually be the safety glasses style – as opposed to the safety goggles.

Safety/shooting glasses have a lower profile and are much more like ordinary specs or sunglasses in their aesthetic. They’re too small and sit too close to the face to have a prescription pair underneath.

So, if you’re using safety glasses, either you have good eyesight already, or you’re wearing contact lenses.

Of course, prescription safety glasses are available – but they need to be custom-made and can be very expensive.

If you wear glasses, look for safety goggles that are wide enough to take additional frames underneath. In the reviews above, I’ve made it clear which products are suitable and which are not.

Sure, they tend to have a larger profile – but that’s the trade-off for having a comfortable wearing experience with your own glasses.

Are ski goggles good for airsoft?


For the most part, ski goggles are not designed to take projectiles striking the lens.

They’re not impact-resistant – which is a vital specification for airsoft eye protection. They don’t meet the codes required for satisfactory ballistic safety glasses.

Ski goggles might look similar, and you might want to try and save some money by doubling up if you already own a pair – but it’s just not worth it.

One well-placed shot to the lens and it will break, buckle, dent, or even shatter. Save the ski goggles for skiing.

How do I stop my airsoft goggles from fogging up?

The eternal question. Seriously, if someone could provide the definitive, irrefutable solution they’d be a multimillionaire.

You can start by choosing a pair with good ventilation and airflow. Thermal lens systems are the way to go.

However, there are several things you can try to prevent your safety goggles from fogging. Check out the video below for some tips and tricks on this very subject.

What are airsoft goggles made of?

Airsoft goggles are made from a variety of materials, but for the most part, the lenses will be made from a tough, durable, shatterproof polycarbonate construction.

The frames will likely be a flexible thermoplastic rubber, and straps will be made from polyester.


I hope this review has guided you towards the best airsoft goggles for you.

It’s a steep learning curve if you’re a first-timer, but you should be well on your way to understanding the eye protection you need. Let me know in the comments below which type you would go for and why.

Stay protected out there – and happy airsofting!