Face protection might not be the most exciting part of playing airsoft, but it’s undoubtedly the most vital.

Because you shouldn’t be going anywhere near an airsoft field or arena without a good quality mask, or – at the very least – impact-resistant goggles.

And as the market is saturated with hundreds of options we’ve done the hard work for you and chosen the best airsoft masks of 2024.

A buyer’s guide and FAQ section will follow the reviews.

Read on to discover the right tactical gear to protect your face, and keep you at the top of your game in the heat of combat.

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The 13 Best Airsoft Masks in 2024

Laosge Airsoft Mask

We begin as ever at the budget-friendly end of the scale, with this simple but effective mesh mask and goggles combo.

Both pieces are lightweight yet impact resistant, with the half-face mesh mouth guard offering excellent breathability, and the goggles come with two elasticated straps to ensure they’re comfortable and don’t slip during play.

Designed with a skull pattern on the mesh, they’re made with eco-friendly materials, and the goggles can be gently bent and sculpted to fit your face better.

If you’re just starting out and you want a feel for the sport, this is a decent option.


  • Unbeatable price.
  • Easy to use.
  • Choice of colors.
  • Tinted goggles.
  • Surprisingly durable.
  • Airsoft ammo included.


  • Ears and neck are exposed.
  • Goggle impact standard untested.
  • Runs on the small side.
  • Not suitable for glasses.


While the jury is out on how well these actually stand up to 300 fps BB pellets, the general consensus is that they’re a great budget option and a lot better than nothing.

Perhaps more suitable for Nerf?! That said, the lower profile makes it one of the best airsoft masks for aiming.

Livans Balaclava Tactical Airsoft Mask

Made from an ultra-soft, lightweight, and breathable material, this balaclava-style mask offers light protection to the whole head and neck – except for the eyes.

Use in conjunction with a pair of airsoft-rated goggles, the mesh grill has been tested to withstand BB impacts of up to 800 fps, so you should be keeping your teeth where they are during combat.

With the ninja design you’ll not look a million miles from Sub Zero or Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, but paired together with a helmet and eye protection and you’ll seriously look the part as an airsoft trooper.


  • Unisex design.
  • Great price.
  • Tactical aesthetic.
  • Choice of colors.
  • Protects neck and ears.


  • Goggles required and sold separately.
  • Can get hot.


A stylish and practical face mask that offers extra protection to the neck and ears. Probably better suited to colder games, as you might run up a temperature wearing this in the summer.

NO B Tactical Foldable Mesh Mask

Next up we have this foldable mesh mask that comes with an adjustable baseball cap in smart matching colors.

Made from 1000 denier nylon, it offers tough, durable protection as well as good water and dirt resistance. Inside, the soft, padded cheek and bridge-of-the-nose sections provide a comfortable, snug fit, with no pressure points on the users face for improved breathability to wear all day long.

The steel mesh ear and mouth guards are solid and well-designed, tested to 800 fps and come with fully adjustable straps.


  • Great price for what you get.
  • Smart camo colors.
  • Durable build quality.
  • Great ear protection.
  • Highly rated.


  • Eye goggles sold separately.
  • Hat runs small.


The cap and mask combo will have you looking like a pro in no time. Well-made, stylishly designed, and practical. For the price – you can’t go wrong here.

Valken Tango Airsoft Mesh Mask

While Valken are more synonymous with quality paintball gear, guns, and apparel, like many combat sports companies, they tend to offer crossover products suitable for both games.

This is their Tango airsoft mesh mask, made from 100% polyester, with a durable steel faceguard and breathable, padded interior.

It’s been designed to be compatible with more eye goggle designs, as one of the most challenging things about purchasing them separately is achieving a snug fit.

With open-cell foam on the nose bridge and soft Velcro loop patch panels on the sides, you can be sure the Tango mask is comfortable to wear all day long.


  • Name to trust.
  • Lightweight.
  • Compatible with Valken helmet buckle upgrade kit design.
  • Removable buckle strap.
  • Choice of colors available.


  • It’s a little light on protection for the rest of the face.
  • Goggles still required.


Designed with comfort and protection in mind, Valken has thought this mesh mask through – and you should find it’s compatible with a number of different goggle styles to ensure achieving your (safe) look is as easy as possible.

Anyoupin Airsoft Mask

Here we have the first of our full face protection kits, designed more in the mold of a paintball mask – but still perfectly suitable for airsoft.

The polycarbonate material is fully impact resistant, and offers coverage for the eyes, nose, and mouth, with the bonus of a visor to keep the sun out of your eyes, and increasing the possibility of deflected shots if you’re playing paintball.

With soft sponge padding in key areas internally, you can be sure it’s comfortable to wear, while providing breathability with the large number of vents over the mouth. The lenses have been tested to 310 fps within five meters.


  • Great price.
  • All-in-one design.
  • Good choice of colors.
  • Flexible, but durable construction.
  • Highly rated.
  • Great for kids.


  • Single lens might be subject to fogging – use an anti-fog spray.
  • You’ll need improved goggles if playing higher than 310 fps.


A much better option than using rental masks, this is an affordable, comfortable, and practical entry-level product that can be used for both airsoft and paintball.

OutdoorMaster Full Face Airsoft Mask

Now, being brutally honest, I struggled with whether I should include this mask or not. In the end, I clearly did, since you’re reading about it right now.

Personally, I think that the skull masks are on the gimmicky side (or any number of variations), but that’s just me. Either way, it’s a pretty cool design if you like that sort of thing.

Offering full face coverage with mesh eye protection, it has a fully adjustable strap section to fit just about any head.

Made from 100% synthetic resin with cheek and forehead padding, it’s ideal for airsoft, or scaring the shit out of your younger sister.


  • Very highly rated.
  • Improved breathing and communication.
  • Full face coverage.
  • Single-piece construction.


  • Skull design not for everyone.
  • Eye mesh still doesn’t offer 100% safe protection.
  • Doesn’t cover the ears.


I’m not a fan, but I’ve included it here because there are an awful lot of airsofters who are. It’s a decent mask, well-made, and comfortable to wear, but I think it’s better used for Halloween.

Lancer Tactical CA-223B Airsoft Goggles

Californian-based airsoft company Lancer Tactical is one of the prominent combat sports companies operating in the business today, running a mean line in high-tech weaponry.

This is one of their vented safety goggles for airsoft, which is all you need to play the game (but a lower face mask is also highly advised if you want to save your teeth).

It’s a single lens system, but it includes multiple lenses, so you can interchange depending on the scenario and conditions, and they are certified to have passed ANSI Z-87 – which means they are most certainly suitable as airsoft eye protection.


  • Name to trust in airsoft.
  • Durable construction.
  • Comfortable strap system.
  • Smoke, clear, and yellow lenses included.
  • Carry pouch.


  • Single lens has a tendency to fog.
  • Doesn’t come with lens changing instructions.
  • Only one color is available.


For playing airsoft, this is the bare minimum you need before you’d be allowed anywhere near a field. Although only using a single lens, this is a quality product from Lancer Tactical that is also suitable for anyone who wears glasses.

Airsoft Face Mask and Goggles Kit

The interesting thing about this face mask and goggles kit is that it comes with an integrated, removable fan for preventing fogging.

Powered by two AAA batteries, it’s near-silent when it’s running, and it will keep your lenses fog-free as long as you wear the set up.

It comes with clear and tinted lenses that are easy to change, so you can enjoy sharper vision in bright and/or overcast conditions. The lower half offers steel mesh protection, with soft padding inside and plenty of ventilation ports for breathability and ease of communication.

The goggles can withstand up to 310 fps impact before becoming damaged.


  • Anti-fog design incorporating a fan.
  • Full face protection with nose cover.
  • Goggles can be removed.
  • Good ventilation all round.


  • Batteries required.
  • The fan system won’t be for everyone.
  • Not the best airsoft mask for glasses – a little on the small side.


The jury is out in the airsoft and paintball world about whether masks with fans are any good, and it will just come down to personal preference.

Regardless, this is a decent set up and worth a go if you happen to be a sweaty beast.

Evike Valken MI-7 Full Face Mask

Another kit that offers full face protection to the front is this ANSI rated combat sports mask that is the first in the review to feature a thermal lens.

The double-lens system prevents fogging and is much stronger than a single-lens set up, while the dual-layered internal foam offers a comfortable fit, including unique padding behind the ear.

Achieve upwards of 160 degrees of vertical vision and up to 260 degrees of horizontal vision, while the full, angled ventilation will keep your head cool and give you maximum breathability.


  • Compatible with paintball and airsoft.
  • Visor included.
  • Choice of colors.
  • Full ASTM and CE certification.
  • Eye-glasses friendly.
  • Quick-release lens system.


  • The profile might be too large for some.


A quality combat sports mask that has passed all the standards required for both airsoft and paintball play. Pro features at an entry-level price.

Jadedragon PJ Tactical Fast Helmet

Here we have an example of an airsoft mask package that comes complete with a tactical helmet – which is ideal if you’re a player that likes to really pimp up your game.

The kit includes a foldable, cloth mask with mesh face guard, goggles, and helmet with plenty of options to accessorize with sports cams, flashlights, and even night vision if you so choose.

The mask has padded cheeks internally for comfort, and mesh ear protection to prevent BBs from striking your sensitive lugs.

One size fits most, and you can add patches, name tags, and other motifs via Velcro swatches on the helmet for some serious Full Metal Jacket role-play.


  • Military accurate FAST aesthetic.
  • Bungee retention cord.
  • Choice of camo colors.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Helmet adjustment knob at the back.


  • The goggles aren’t up to much – replacing is recommended.


Although the goggles seem pretty useless by all accounts, the helmet and mesh mask are the business. If you’re keen to be as accurate as possible when playing airsoft, then a set up like this is what you need.

Tippmann Tactical Mesh Airsoft Goggle

Tippmann is a household name when it comes to paintball equipment, paintball guns, and gear – manufacturing some of the most realistic tactical products on the market.

They’ve branched out into airsoft, an example of which is this streamlined mesh face mask and goggle set. The thermal lens offers 260 degrees field of vision, with an integrated face guard below that provides excellent protection and breathability.

The inner foam is hypoallergenic for supreme comfort, and the woven adjustable strap has anti-slip silicone strips so things will stay where they should throughout the duration of your bunker assault. Tippmann branding completes the look.


  • Name to trust.
  • Durable plastic and steel construction.
  • Unisex design.
  • Removable visor included.
  • Improved clear voice projection and team communication.


  • No choice of colors or camo design.
  • Tricky to replace the lens.


You would expect Tippmann to produce the goods when it comes to quality combat sports gear, bringing their paintball expertise to airsoft. Check out this article if you’re more in the market for the best paintball masks in 2024.

Empire E-Mesh Airsoft Goggle System

Not to be outdone, Empire Paintball offers this E-Mesh Airsoft goggle system that also draws on their excellent paintball mask designs – some of which are reputed to be the best in the business.

This uses their vent rapid-change technology for swift switch out of the lens, so you can change it depending on the conditions and the game.

The dual-pane lenses are also thermal, with zero optical distortion, so you get unbeatable vision clarity and no fog.

Comfortable foam pieces ensure a snug fit internally, and the mesh lower guard offers solid protection, breathability, and effortless communication between you and your teammates.


  • Name to trust.
  • Empire strap with silicone beads.
  • Choice of lens colors available.
  • Soft, hypoallergenic face foam.
  • Attractive design.


  • Pricey.


Although a little more expensive than your average goggle and mesh mask set up, it’s worth every penny. If you don’t want to fog up while playing airsoft – then this is a good place to start.

Dye i5 Paintball Goggle

We finish this airsoft mask review with a paintball mask. Yes, I know that might sound crazy and will possibly put off some die-hard, paintball-hating airsofters, but when it comes to masks and full-face protection, it doesn’t get much better than the Dye i5.

It’s packed with more incredible features than I could list here for a super-safe, comfortable, and enjoyable user experience, and it’s generally regarded as one of the best combat sports masks ever to grace the game.

Sure, it might set you back a bit, but it should also last you a lifetime treated properly. And it comes in a load of pretty colors, too.


  • Name to trust.
  • Professional-grade quality and premium materials.
  • 290 degree anti-fog lens.
  • Multi-directional venting.
  • Universal POV mount included.
  • Very highly rated across the board.


  • Expensive.
  • Profile might be a little too large for some airsofters.


For ultimate comfort and safety, this is probably the best full face airsoft mask out there. Even though it’s really for paintball. You get what you pay for, and I guess you’ve got to ask yourself – “how much do I value my eyes and face…?”

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Airsoft Mask

Below you’ll find a handy buyer’s guide packed with tips, tricks, and advice for helping you find the best airsoft mask for you and your needs.

airsoft military game players in camouflage uniform

Paintball vs Airsoft

When you do a search for airsoft masks, you might be confused with the amount of styles and designs that are available.

Understanding the differences between them is challenging enough, and then throw in paintball masks to complicate things further.

I like to go by this easy to understand rule to keep things nice and simple.

You can wear a paintball mask for airsoft, but you can’t wear an airsoft mask for paintball.

Of course, there are exceptions (depending on the quality of the mask/goggles and their ANSI rating), but for the most part, this holds true.

Airsoft masks usually consist of two parts. A mesh face/mouth guard, and a pair of goggles with impact-resistant lenses.

As you’ll notice from the reviews above, they can come as a set, or sold independently and you have to match up products that safely fit together (which can sometimes be tricky when it comes to achieving a nice, safe seal around sensitive areas).

Airsoft masks may or may not cover the full face.

By and large, paintball masks do cover the full face, and they’re designed to withstand more of an impact. As such, they’re often heavier-duty, weighing a little more than airsoft masks and with larger profiles.

Then you have some styles that combine the best of both worlds, such as the Tippmann and Empire airsoft masks above, with paintball-grade goggles and airsoft mesh mouth guards.

In both sports, your primary concern is eye protection. But when it comes to airsoft alone, so long as you have a pair of goggles that have an adequate ANSI rating, and they cover your eyes completely, you can wear whatever else you like.

Be advised though – it’s still highly recommended you protect the rest of your face and neck, too.

airsoft sniper with automatic rifle and mask

Lower Face Mesh Masks

No good for paintball, but perfectly acceptable for airsoft, masks with mesh mouth, jaw, nose, and ear guards are extremely popular in the sport.

More lightweight than full-face coverage or paintball masks, they also offer improved breathability, as well as easy conversation between you and your team – which is vital if you want to stand any chance of success.

However, it is possible that a BB pellet can still pass through this mesh, and shred into pieces.

As such, it’s not recommended that you use a mask that has mesh eye protection (even though many players still continue to do so).

I only included one such mask in the review above for this exact reason. If you insist on wearing a mask with mesh eye protection, I would highly recommend a pair of back-up safety glasses, tactical shooting glasses, or sunglasses (at the very least) underneath.

While mesh eyes have the advantage of never fogging, I would still not like to take that risk. Your mouth will likely recover from getting pinged by a hard plastic BB – but your eyes will not be so lucky.

Mesh masks are often the gear of choice for “MilSim” players (Military Simulation) – as they’re more accurate to war gaming than full face or paintball masks.

That’s if MilSim players bother wearing a mask at all – many are so dedicated to realism that they will only wear safety glasses as the bare minimum.

Full Face/Head

So long as your eyes are protected, a full face/head mask is not required in airsoft.

However, also covering your mouth, nose, and ears (as a bare minimum) is actively encouraged.

You might look like a badass roaming the field with just your safety goggles on, but you’re not going to look so hot when a BB takes out one of your teeth – which is a regular occurrence on airsoft fields around the world.

You don’t have to go all-out, but I would strongly advise wearing something that protects those sensitive areas of your face – and it’s well worth covering up your neck while you’re at it.

Full paintball masks are preferred by speedsoft players – a more fast-paced variation of airsoft.

Character/Role-Play Masks

As mentioned in the review, I tend to find masks in this category to be a bit gimmicky, but kids love nothing more than running around looking like a scary skull.

These days you can get all sorts of character-based airsoft masks, usually with their roots in pop culture and superheroes/villains, such as the Joker, Iron Man, V for Vendetta, Army of Two and other comic book/video game idols.

Sure, they might look like a cool airsoft mask, but for players keen for military-grade accuracy and the very best BDU (Battle Dress Uniform), then they’re best avoided.

If this is your bag then it’s entirely up to you – you’re perfectly entitled to style your airsoft look however you like – it’s part of the fun, thrill, and beauty of the sport.

But just remember that the mask still has to stand up to over 300 fps ball bearing impacts – so do your research, and don’t wear anything that’s just designed for Halloween.

And if you are looking for the best BDU gear, check out these excellent tactical pants with knee pads to get you started.

airsoft players holding guns amid smoke in forest


Easily the most important part of a paintball and airsoft mask – the goggle system needs to be top-notch to keep you safe, your vision clear, and not let you down in the heat of battle.

For that reason, quality combat sports manufacturers put a lot of time and effort into fine-tuning this part of their masks.

Look for lenses that have passed the relevant American National Standards Institute (ANSI) code for safety goggles. I believe this to be ANSI Z-87.1.

If you’re using lenses that are only graded to withstand 250 fps and you’re on a field that’s running 300 fps plus, then you’re potentially asking for trouble.

Some airsofters prefer to simply wear streamlined safety glasses with minimal profiles – especially if they’re looking for military realism.

For full face mask wearers (such as those used in paintball masks) it’s best to look for thermal (or dual) lenses. This will mean a significantly less chance of fogging up than with a single lens.

Finally, interchangeable lenses are ideal if you get your optics damaged, or if you want to switch them out for smoke, clear, or high-definition variants depending on the conditions, location, and type of game played.

Although the video below is referencing paintball, it’s still very educational and eye-opening to watch this short but powerful lesson for choosing quality goggles over knock-off and cheap versions.

Straps and Padding

Airsoft masks should be comfortable and wearable without issue for the duration of the game.

Look out for masks with adjustable straps and padding. While they’re generally one size fits most, it will make a huge difference if you can adapt the mask to suit your face and head size.

Removable padding is also a nice touch – so you can customize it to suit your needs.

Venting and Airflow

Ask any paintballer or airsofter what the second most important feature of a mask is, and they will tell you it’s the breathability.

You need to be able to get that air into your lungs when you’re sprinting through the undergrowth under heavy fire.

And masks can stand or fall on the quality of their airflow system, so look for masks that have plenty of vents around the nose and mouth region.

Aside from this, it’s important for you to be able to converse with your teammates, and all good airsoft masks should allow you to do this unrestricted.

Likewise with your ability to hear what’s going on around you. Masks that limiting your hearing are best avoided – even if the ear protection is outstanding.


Airsoft is preferred over paintball by players who want the ultimate in real combat authenticity.

Accuracy is therefore very important to many players, as they want to at least look like they’re Special Ops, even if they have nowhere near the firearm skill or tactical awareness of the pros.

It’s up to you if you want to go down that route with your mask system, but I would recommend looking at products that are compatible with FAST helmets (Future Assault Shell Technology) if you do.

And take a look at these tactical vests for even more BDU-accurate apparel.


You can purchase an adequate airsoft mesh mask without breaking the bank, but I would recommend that you don’t scrimp on the goggles.

Buy the best you can afford and a pair that is certified for use with the official feet per second your airsoft or paintball field adheres to. Look for ANSI approved products.

This is your eyesight we’re talking about – so don’t be cheap protecting it.

airsoft man with optical sight sniper rifle


Do you need a mask for airsoft?

You don’t need a full mask, but you do need goggles. You will not be allowed to play without adequate eye protection.

But protecting the rest of your face and neck is highly advisable as well – particularly for beginners.

And while you’re at it, getting smacked on the hand with a BB pellet at close range isn’t fun either, so take a look at these tactical shooting gloves and protect those pinkies.

What do you need for airsoft?

That is worth an article unto itself – so watch this space and I’ll no doubt be writing one very soon. In the meantime, watch the informative video below for what you need if you’re just starting out.

What is the best airsoft mask?

It depends on what style you’re going for, but if I was to pick one from the reviews above, it would be the Empire E-Mesh.

But that’s only because you said the best “airsoft” mask. Otherwise, I would choose the DYE i5 hands down.

Can you wear glasses under an airsoft mask?

Providing the goggle system is large enough, then yes, you should be able to wear glasses under an airsoft mask.

Just make sure that if you need to do that, you’re choosing a system that can accommodate the size of your spectacle frames. Not all masks are suitable for glasses.

Airsoft vs Paintball mask – is there any difference?

This question was covered in detail in the guide above, but in a nutshell, a paintball mask is usually larger, with more facial coverage, and able to withstand a more forceful impact.

Paintball masks will always use a lens goggle system, whereas some airsoft masks use mesh.

And the style you choose might depend on the type of airsoft you wish to play. If you prefer the realism of military simulation, then mesh airsoft mask might be a more accurate choice – if you choose to wear lower face protection at all.

If you prefer the fast pace of speedsoft, a full-face paintball mask might be a better option.

Can you use a paintball mask for airsoft?

Yes. But not the other way around.

Can I just use sunglasses for airsoft?

No. They might be useful as back-up protection if you’re wearing a mesh mask, but BB pellets could easily sneak around behind sunglasses and get into your eyes, regardless.

I would opt for much better protection if I were you. Store your sunglasses in one of these awesome tactical backpacks while you’re in play.

How do I keep my airsoft mask from fogging?

There are several tricks and techniques you can use to prevent your masks from fogging up.

You could try cleaning them in a solution of dish soap and water – just remember to dry thoroughly.

Use a bit of saliva and rub spit inside the mask before play.

Try an anti-fog product such as a spray or wipe.

Choose a mask with a built-in fan, or look for products with dual, thermal lenses and improved venting to keep fogging down to a minimum.


The best airsoft masks of 2024 come in all shapes and sizes, and choosing the right design can be a real challenge – particularly for new players.

I hope this review and guide has helped point you in the right direction. Let me know which style you would go for and why.

Happy airsofting – and remember to protect those eyes!