Paintball Sniper rifles are not bought…they are MADE.


Choosing the right base for your paintball marker so you can create the best paintball sniper rifle is a MUST.

Here are the 10 best paintball sniper rifle guns to start creating the ideal paintball sniper rifle for you.

Now, let’s get to work on your masterpiece by checking out those guns.

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TOP 10 Paintball Sniper Rifles in 2024

Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Marker

The Empire Sniper Pump marker is one of the most popular paintball sniper rifles around. It has auto trigger, which means you can hold the trigger down and the gun will fire each time you pump, in case you find yourself in a fire fight.

It comes stock with a few goodies, like three barrel inserts, a 14 inch barrel and it has dual cocking rods so its pump action is smooth and steady.

The Derlin handle on this pump marker is durable and resists water and chemicals, so it will last and pump great for years to come.

Hot tip: If you want to make this sniper rifle the sneakiest gun around, get an Alien morph valve and it will be the quietest rifle on any field.


  • Comes stock with a two piece 14 inch barrel and 3 barrel inserts.
  • Has Empire Sniper Delrin pump handle and sled.
  • Allows for pump fire aka, auto-trigger.


  • A little heavy.


The best paintball sniper rifle off the shelf. It saves paint, its quiet, it shoots smooth, accurate and long range. What more can you ask for?

Planet Eclipse MG100 PAL Paintball Marker

This mechanical mag fed marker can also accept a PAL hopper. PAL uses the pressure from the markers blowback to feed the PAL loader, which is awesome.

This is one of the few paintball sniper rifles compatible with the DYE DAM Magazines which shoot both First strike rounds and round balls.

Plus the DYE Dam mags will not shoot when empty, helping you prevent giving away your position. The MG100 is one of my absolute favorite paintball sniper rifles around.


  • PAL enabled.
  • Switch between hopper and mag fed.
  • Gamma Core Drivetrain.
  • Compatible with Dye DAM mags which can shoot first strike rounds.


  • Dye Dam mags not included, but I highly recommend you pick some up.


One of the most reliable and unbelievably accurate mag fed paintball sniper rifles available. Get it while it’s HOT, it’s the best paintball sniper rifle of 2024 in mag style.

DYE and First strike are two of the hottest paintball brands around today. To see more of the best paintball brands, check out this list of the best paintball brands.

Tippmann A-5 Paintball Marker

The classic Tippmann A-5 is not only one of the best woodsball guns you can get, but it can be modded to be one of the best sniper rifles too!

Hook this bad boy up with the Sniper barrel and stock, and a red dot site and you have yourself a respectable sniper rifle. In fact, the A-5 with the added sniper barrel make one of the best long range paintball gun setups around for a killer price.

The Tippmann A-5 functions well in a firefight situation since it can shoot up to 15 bps due to the cyclone feed system, the stock 8.5 inch barrel works well in close quarter situations, and as I said above, get this gun a sniper barrel and it’s a great sniper paintball rifle.


  • 150-foot effective range.
  • Lightweight, tough aluminum receiver.
  • Capable of shooting 15 balls per second thanks to the cyclone feed system.
  • Accurate and shoots long range.
  • Easy to upgrade, lots of mods and accessories available.


  • Exposed gas line.


Fast, accurate and durable scenario and woodsball sniper rifle for paintball. A classic paintball sniper rifle.

Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Gun

I love the Tippmann 98 because it can be modded to be a killer sniper rifle. Just add a 16 inch Tippmann sniper barrel, red dot site and maybe a scope and you are set.

It’s totally affordable, and you will save a lot of paint compared to a fully automatic gun, so this gun, with mods, is still in the budget baller range.

The stock gun by itself is reliable as all get out, it can withstand the heat of battle, including water, dirt, falls, hits and other abuse you encounter on the field without falling apart and breaking on you during critical moments.


  • Reliable, sturdy, well built. It’s a tank, folks.
  • Easy to mod out and upgrade thanks to the Picatinny rail.
  • All aluminum receiver is both light and strong.


  • Stock barrel is short, I recommend an upgraded barrel.


This trusty paintball marker makes one of the BEST cheap paintball sniper rifles I know of.

Empire Paintball Resurrection Autococker

This Empire Resurrection Autococker is a classically styled gun that is very easy to mod out.

This sniper rifle comes with a sniper barrel kit that includes 5 barrel backs of varying sizes. Nice!

This autococker shoots very smooth and has great accuracy, and you are going to love using it on the field.

Autocockers are making a comeback, so pick one up, you won’t be disappointed.


  • Comes stock with a 14 inch barrel.
  • Includes 6 piece sniper barrel kit with 5 backs of varying size.
  • Autocockers like this are known for their accuracy.
  • Quiet operation.


  • This model is known to need maintenance to work out air leaks.


Stealthy shots that are dead on is what this autococker delivers. Easily one of the most accurate paintball sniper rifles on the market.

Planet Eclipse Etha2 PAL Paintball Marker

The planet eclipse Etha2 PAL marker, paired with the ETHA rail mounting kit (sold separately), a red dot site and a scope make this a great paintball sniper rifle.

Even though this is an electronic paintball marker, it is still plenty sturdy and designed to take abuse so you do not have to baby it too much.

It is easy to take apart and clean, and it is so reliable, hardly chops balls, so you won’t need to take it apart too often anyways.

The marker shoots super quiet, smooth, and efficient and is a joy to play with.


  • PAL enabled to load paint faster (PAL loader sold separately).
  • 15 bps in full auto mode.
  • Compatible with ETHA rail, which I recommend for snipers.
  • Famous and reliable Gamma Core spool valve drivetrain.
  • Excellent grip space.


  • It’s hard to throw shade on this gun, but it has very few color options if flashy colors are your jam.


Quiet and smooth, easy to upgrade.

Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 Paintball Marker

The Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 is my pick for cheap starter sniper rifle. It’s an excellent gun at a surprisingly low price.

It shoots smooth, quiet. Long range and it’s ACCURATE. Nice!

I love this marker and you just cannot beat the price of this sniper rifle. It’s the best if you add an aftermarket sniper barrel, but it shoots great stock too.

It is a mechanical gun so it’s simple to maintain and tolerates bad weather and rough play pretty well too.


  • PAL enabled. Pal loader sold separately.
  • Long range accuracy.
  • Great price.


  • No rail, a little challenging to upgrade, but it is compatible with the Etha 2 EMC kit (sold separately).


Fast, smooth, quiet, accurate and one of the best deals you can get on a sniper rifle.

First Strike FS T15 Paintball Rifle

This First Strike T15 mechanical mag fed sniper rifle is a pretty nice, lightweight paintball gun with a 1-to-1 AR Rifle Design.

It has two flip up sites and built in Picatinny rails making it easy to upgrade. I like that.

Of course, it shoots first strike rounds, which are extremely accurate by paintball standards, further promoting the rifle’s reputation as a paintball sniper rifle.

It also comes with a 13 inch tank built into the stock, giving it a realistic look and feel.


  • 13 inch air tank integrated into the stock, streamlined design.
  • Strong light aluminum body.
  • Hopper or mag fed (comes with two mags).
  • Compatible with first strike or normal paintballs.
  • 1-to-1 AR Rifle Design.


  • Hopper adaptor and case not included.


Sturdy, accurate sniper rifle that shoots first strike rounds.

Planet Eclipse M170R Paintball Marker

There is so much to love about this Planet Eclipse M170R mechanical marker, starting with the fact that it is quiet, shoots smooth, is VERY reliable, has the kick-ass Gamma core drivetrain and WON’T break paint.

It makes a great paintball sniper rifle because it has a long barrel, low kickback so it’s accurate, and it’s quiet so you won’t give away your position. It has a smooth, fast trigger so you can choose to blast paint, or go one shot at a time, it’s up to you!

You can add a Freak XL barrel for even better accuracy, too. It’s a great sniper rifle.


  • Gamma Core drivetrain.
  • Won’t break paint, even brittle paint.
  • Stock 14.5 inch barrel.
  • Accurate, smooth and quiet.


  • Pricy for a mechanical marker.


Reliable, quiet, easy on paint and accurate. It’s everything you want in a paintball sniper rifle.

Azodin KP3.5 KAOS Pump Paintball Marker

If you are balling on a budget and want to try a pump marker, I like this choice. The Azodin Kp3.5 KAOS is a dual cocking rod pump marker. That means it has smooth pump action.

The stock barrel is 14 inches and comes with two backs. It has a Delrin Pump Handle. Why does that matter? Derlin is thermoplastic that is stable, strong, and resistant to moisture and chemicals, and holds up to repeated pumping without wearing out.

Add a Azodin KP-III Hitman Plate and make the pump even easier to slide back, and give your marker an aesthetic upgrade at the same time.


  • Two piece 14 inch barrel with two backs in .685 and .681 size.
  • Has a high-quality Delrin Pump Handle.
  • Dual pump rods for stable smooth pump action.
  • Pump guns save paint.


  • No auto-trigger.


Great price for a pump marker, makes a good sniper rifle for paintball right out of the box.

paintball player in protective uniform and mask aiming sniper rifle

How to Choose a Paintball Sniper Rifle?


I get it!

All ballers have a budget. So what is your paintball sniper rifle budget?

I am going to level with you and lay out my top choices. Here are my top paintball rifle picks based on budget range:

Best Paintball Sniper Rifle Under 200 Dollars:

The Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series paintball gun is a great sniper paintball rifle for under 200 dollars.

It is pretty fast, extremely durable and reliable, and can be modded with a custom barrel and other additions to make it a great paintball sniper rifle. There is a reason the Tippmann Custom 98 has been a favorite for so many years.

Best Paintball Sniper Rifle Between 200 and 400 Dollars:

The Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 mechanical paintball marker is just over 200 dollars and it is AWESOME. It’s a great long-range marker, it’s accurate and fast, and well built.

It is easy to maintain and has a lot of upgrade options so there is really a lot you can do with this gun. Plus it’s really fun to shoot.

Best Paintball Sniper Rifle Over 400 Dollars:

The Planet Eclipse MG100 PAL mechanical paintball marker is a fantastic paintball sniper rifle for just under 500 dollars. It features the reliable, proven gamma core engine, it shoots mag fed and hopper fed, it is PAL compatible and it can accept first strike rounds.

You can hardly ask for anything more. I really love this gun.

man holding paintball marker and playing woodsball

Save Paint or Get a Paint Hog Gun?

If you want to save paint, or are a baller on a budget, or you just love a challenge and want to play a skill game, a pump gun like the Empire Paintball Sniper pump marker or a mag fed paintball gun like the Planet Eclipse MG100 marker are the way to go.

Playing with a pump gun or mag fed allows you to play with maybe 500 paintballs all day.

Using a semi-auto mechanical gun with a hopper, or an electro gun in full auto, you can go through 2 cases of paint playing all day.

What I really love about the Planet Eclipse MG100 PAL Mechanical Paintball Marker

Is that it allows you to choose between mag fed or hopper fed, so you can switch it up.

It is my opinion that playing paintball with a mag fed or pump gun is an excellent way to increase your SKILL, because you are not relying on your firepower to win, you are relying on your skill.

Autococker or Spool Valve?

Autocockers are a classic construction paintball gun. But, they are more accurate.

Why are autocockers more accurate? Because with autocockers, the paint ball drops and the bolt cocks before the shot is fired. This means that there is no distortion from the bolt when you shoot. Distortion causes inaccuracy.


Autocockers are slower than electro guns because those electronics inside the gun shave time from each cycle.

Autocockers are making a comeback, because speed is great, but the difference is not much, and speed will not necessarily always help you, skill and ACCURACY play a large part too.

Paintball Sniper Rifle FAQs

How do I keep my paintball sniper rifle quiet?

The lower pressure you have on the gun, the quieter and more accurate it will be. Also, getting a well ported barrel helps with noise too.

High pressure causes more kickback, and the movement decreases your paintball sniper rifle’s accuracy.

Lowering the pressure may entail making adjustments to the internals, and that should only be done if you really know what you are doing, or at a shop you trust, otherwise, you can damage your gun.

I have known guys that install an MQ valve on their pump sniper rifles and they have super quiet shots, so going that route is a good way to go.

What is the best paintball sniper rifle?

I have two favorites, a budget baller sniper rifle and my top pick favorite, which is a bit more expensive.

My Top pick is the Planet Eclipse MG100 PAL mechanical marker because there is just so much to love about this gun. For starters is has the PROVEN gamma core engine.

My top pick for cheap paintball sniper rifle is the Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series paintball gun with a custom barrel. The whole setup can be had for under 200 dollars and its reliable, fairly accurate, and will last you years.

Looking for a cheap paintball gun? They exist! Here is a list of the best cheap paintball guns I put together myself.

How far can a paintball sniper rifle shoot?

Time to get real here.

A snipers job in paintball is a challenging one. It’s best if you are REALLY, REALLY good at hiding, in plain sight if need be.

The range of an off-the-shelf paintball sniper rifle shooting standard paintballs is about 100 yards.

If the paintball sniper rifle is able to shoot first strike rounds, and they allow First Strike rounds at your field, then you can bump up the accuracy and range to 300 yards.

The First Strike FS T15 and Planet Eclipse MG100 PAL Marker shoot First Strike rounds.

Flatline and Apex will get you longer range, but at the expense of accuracy and speed.

Basically, the best paintball sniper rifle with the best custom barrel and mods will get you some extra distance.


Being a good paintball sniper comes down to your stealth and hiding skills, because you will need to be closer to the target.

Looking for more paintball guns? Check out this list I put together featuring the best paintball guns.

What is the best long range paintball gun?

The Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 Marker is one of the most accurate paintball markers out there, and it shoots straight and far.

It’s offered at a really fair price and if you add the carbon fiber barrel and the Freak XL inserts, along with an electronic hopper, you have a paintball sniper rifle that will rival a much more expensive marker.

paintball players playing woodsball and aiming by markers

Does a longer paintball barrel increase accuracy?

Truthfully, not much.

Let’s start here: Your barrel should be between 8 and 16 inches.

You do not want a barrel longer than 16 inches because you will need to increase pressure and that will break more paint and cause more kickback. Kickback affects accuracy, so you don’t want that.

That said, length does not affect accuracy too much. Standard paintballs are imperfect spheres of liquid, making inaccuracy inherent to a degree.


Guns that use First strike rounds are considerably more accurate. But first strike rounds are expensive, so there is that.

My TOP choice gun, the Planet Eclipse MG100 marker fires first strike rounds.

See a list of the best paintball barrels here.

Even snipers need a paintball mask, because you just never know when you might be discovered. Keep your face and eyes covered with a mask from this list of the best paintball masks.

Article Summary

Now that you have seen the best paintball sniper rifles, it is time to decide.

Don’t wait, get into the game now!

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