Whether you are in a real-life combat situation or a less threatening tactical training scenario; let me state the obvious.

Your head is your most important asset and it is worth it to invest in the best protection you can afford.

That’s why I did some research and compiled this list of the best tactical helmets of 2024 in both bump and ballistic grades.

I won’t keep you waiting, let’s dig right in!

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TOP 9 Best Tactical Helmets of 2024

Team Wendy EXFIL LTP Helmet

This team Wendy bump helmet is the perfect solution for those who want a protective bump helmet. It meets the critical shock absorbing and performance requirements of a bump helmet.

This Wendy EXFIL LTP has an easy night vision mount thanks to the integrated Wilcox machined aluminum mounting plate.

This tactical helmet also sports handy Picatinny rails for additional accessories. The BOA cam fit retention system allows you to adjust and tighten the helmet with one hand.


  • Made in the USA.
  • Carbon Picatinny rails and Wilcox NVG night vision Goggle mount.
  • Made from strong LTP Lightweight Tactical Polymer.


  • Pricy for a bump helmet.


Lightweight protective tactical bump helmet with built in night vision goggle mount.

If you need a ballistics helmet, Wendy makes an EXFIL ballistics helmet that is rated NIJ Level III-A.

Galvion Batlskin Viper A3 Ballistic Helmet

Galvion Batlskin Viper A3 Ballistic Helmet

The Galvion Viper A3 was designed for military and security applications. It stops NIJ IIIA level threats and meets US army impact protection standards.

It’s one of the most affordable ballistics helmets available and is well under 1000 dollars, making it one of the best military helmets in terms of value.

The rail and mount are strong and battle-ready, and the suspension system makes the helmet comfortable to wear.


  • Made in the USA.
  • Affordable Ballistics helmet.
  • Stops NIJ IIIA level threats.
  • High cut ACH shape.
  • Includes rails and front mount.


  • Rails are slightly out of spec.


The Viper A3 is one of the best ballistic helmets for the money.

DLP Tactical Impax Extreme Bump Helmet

The DPL Bump helmet is designed for training, paintball, airsoft, and other simulation scenarios. It is designed to look like a real military ACH while being much lighter and far less expensive than a ballistics helmet.

It has rails and an NVG mount, and the worm dial liner provides an excellent fit.

They offer excellent impact protection and are certified for climbing, as military bump helmets, for industrial safety, and rafting.


  • Well ventilated.
  • Great impact protection.
  • Easy to adjust to fit your head.
  • Effective helmet retention system for a secure fit.


  • Padding placement instructions need improvement.


One of the best tactical bump helmets available today, it’s lightweight and fits right.

Lancer Tactical Airsoft Helmet

This cheap bump helmet is a steal.

It’s perfect for training, airsoft, and paintball. It will protect your head from objects thrown or swung at you, protects you from impacts and falls, and against airsoft and paintball ammo.

The shell is made from thick ABS plastic, at the suspension system is surprisingly good for a tactical helmet in this price range.


  • Rear knob side adjustment.
  • Side Picatinny rails and Night Vision mount.
  • Cheap airsoft and paintball helmet.
  • Fits LARGE heads.


  • NVG mount is wonky and may need modification to support your NVG unit.


Best tactical helmet for airsoft for cheap, it’s sturdy, adjustable, and comfy.

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Hard Head Veterans MICH/ECH Ballistic Helmet

Hard Head Veterans Mich Ech HHV BTE Ballistic Helmet

This Hard Head Veterans ballistic helmet is one of the most inexpensive ballistics helmets available. This basic model comes with no frills, no mounts, no cover either, but the price is right.

It is NIJ Level IIIA rated, and is a true ballistics helmet. It is adjustable and you can configure the padding to your liking.

This is a MICH style over the ear Modular Integrated Communications Helmet. (Communications NOT included)


  • NIJ Level IIIA Ballistic Helmet.
  • Dupont Kevlar shell.
  • Fits all size heads, adjustable fit.
  • Great price for a true ballistics helmet.


  • Takes too long to ship, wait times up to 1 month for gear.


Economy price NIJ Level IIIA Ballistic Helmet.

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Outry Tactical Fast Helmet

This Outry tactical helmet is a bump helmet you should check out. It’s a great value and looks like a Hi-cut CRYE airframe copycat.

It adjusts to fit most heads, and the ABS plastic shell is quite thick and heavy, offering good protection for a bump helmet.


  • Made from thick durable ABS plastic.
  • Econo-priced.
  • Perfect for Airsoft, paintball, and training scenarios.
  • Rail and metal NVG mount.


  • Needs more padding and greater adjustability.


If you want the look, without the price tag, this value-priced tactical helmet is surprisingly protective and realistic.

Genuine Usgi Ach Mich MSA SDS Helmet

This is the real deal. A military-issued GENTEX ballistics helmet. It is an IIIA level threat advanced combat Kevlar MICH helmet.

It comes with a chin strap, a padded suspension system, and a Multicam cover.


  • Great price.
  • Comes with Multicam cover.
  • Real Military issued ballistics helmet.
  • Level IIIA level threat rated.


  • No rails or NVG mount installed on this bare-bones model.


Real Military issue ballistics helmet.

Atairsoft Adjustable Maritime Helmet

This resilient bump helmet is surprisingly well built considering the price. It is comfortable to wear, it looks good, it has room for NVG or a GoPro upfront.

This tactical helmet is pretty thick and durable, and the straps are adjustable so one size fits most.


  • Cheap price.
  • Stout build, protective.
  • Has side rails and night vision mount.
  • Soft padding inside.


  • No instructions on how or where to install the Velcro.
  • NVG is not metal.


Cheap airsoft helmet that is durable, offers impact protection, is comfortable, and looks great.

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Safariland Delta X Tactical Helmet

Safariland Delta X Tactical Helmet

The Safariland Delta X ballistic tactical helmet is rated for Type IIIA level threats. It is available in high, mid, and full-cut, and it has phenomenal craftsmanship.

It can be customized with a metal Wilcox NVG mount, bungee cable retention system, and rail, many other upgrades available.

This tactical helmet has the distinction of being one of the lightest ballistic helmets available today.


  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Type IIIA treat protection.
  • Full, Mid, and High-Cut available.


  • Can be challenging to find a dealer.


Highly customizable with a superb build, this is one of the best ballistic helmets available today.

High Cut or Full Cut for Your Tactical Helmet

Choosing full cut or high cut for your tactical helmet comes down to three factors; comfort, coverage, and communications accommodation needs.

three military tactical helmets on white background

Full Coverage Tactical Helmets

The full-cut offers the most coverage because they cover the ear area.


They can be hot, heavy, and a challenge when you add communications to the mix. As of this writing, the US military uses full-coverage helmets for most soldiers, except special Ops, but the government is looking into high cut helmets at the moment.

High Cut Tactical Helmets

High cut helmets leave your ears exposed, which is handy for ventilation, and especially for communications.

High cut tactical helmets are more comfortable and lightweight, AND they allow you to attach your communications to the rail.


High cut tactical helmets offer the least coverage, which is dangerous and even deadly in high-intensity combat where there may be a lot of fragments, shrapnel, and actual bullets flying around.

military equipment with a rifle and tactical helmet

Ballistic and Bulletproof Helmet or Bump Helmet?

There are two distinct and separate class or grade helmets on this list of the best tactical helmets of 2024.

There are Ballistic helmets and bump helmets.

Let me explain.

Ballistic and Bulletproof Helmets

Ballistic helmets are designed for actual real-life combat situations. They may be called “Bulletproof”, although that is a misnomer. Ballistic helmets are rated according to what type of bullets and from what distance they can stop bullets.

No helmet can stop every type of bullet from any range.

If you are in a combat situation, you want the best rating you can get.

I won’t get into the weeds on this, but if you want more details, check out this fun to read government-issued document.

Bump Helmets

Bump helmets are NOT designed for bullets, fragments of bullets, or flying shrapnel.

Bump helmets, as the name implies, are designed to protect against impact. Bumps to the head, airsoft ammo, falling, things like that.

Bump helmets are useful because they do offer protection, and they are an ideal place to mount night vision goggles, a GoPro, a flashlight, and more.

Bump helmets are much lighter and drastically cheaper than true ballistic helmets.

Bump helmets will offer NO protection from bullets, but if you are in a training scenario, or playing airsoft, this is the grade helmet you want.

airsoft sniper with automatic rifle and mask

Tactical Helmet FAQs

What is the best tactical helmet?

The best tactical helmet depends on your requirements. There are two distinct categories of tactical helmet ballistic helmets that are used in actual combat situations and are rated for bullets, fragments, and shrapnel, and bump helmets, which are for protecting the head from impact.

Best tactical helmet in bump helmets:

When talking about bump helmets, one of the best tactical helmet for airsoft is the DLP Tactical Impax Extreme Bump Helmet because it is incredibly comfortable and well ventilated and offers some of the best impact protection you can get from a bump helmet.

Best tactical helmet in ballistic helmets:

The Genuine Usgi Ach Mich MSA SDS Helmet is a great ballistics helmet. It is the one issued by the US military, it’s cheap, and it’s rated for IIIA level threats.

Do you need a tactical helmet?

Your head is your most important asset, and it’s worth protecting. A head injury can be life-altering, even deadly.

I would say, yes, there are situations where a tactical helmet will keep you safe.

Some situations where you need a tactical helmet:

  • In combat, Military & Law Enforcement situations, a ballistics helmet can save your life and protect you from bullets, fragments, and shrapnel.
  • Home invasion, most tactical helmets have night vision mounts so you can see what the intruder cannot. They will also help you if the invader plans to try and use a bat or something similar to take you down.
  • Paintball and airsoft, so you don’t take a shot to the head, to improve your camouflage and add realism to the game, and to protect your head from impact.
  • Extreme Sports Athletes, white water rafting, rock climbing, zip-lining, downhill mountain biking, skiing, to protect your head from impact.
  • YouTube adventurers can use a tactical helmet to mount their GoPro to make freaking awesome videos.
  • Hunters can use a tactical helmet to increase camouflage, mount night vision or vision optics, capture video, and safely navigate the woods at night.

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What are the types of tactical helmets; Ballistic vs Bump?

There are two distinct categories of tactical helmets; Ballistic tactical helmets and Bump tactical helmets.

Ballistic Helmets

Ballistic helmets are designed to be used in combat, military, and law enforcement applications. They have specific ratings that call out their level of protection. Currently, the US military uses Level IIIA level threat rated tactical ballistic helmets.

Bump Helmets

Bump helmets are designed to protect from impact, and they are excellent for that, but they do not protect against real ammunition.

Bump helmets are for airsoft, military training exercises, hunting, extreme sports like whitewater rafting, downhill mountain biking, and they also make the perfect place to mount optics and cameras.

A bump helmet is also a great place to attach a lamp or flashlight? Don’t have either? Take a look at the best tactical headlamps right here.

What tactical helmets do the military use?

The US military today used an ACH or advanced combat helmet that is MICH or a Modular Integrated Communications Helmet. It is just like the Genuine Usgi Ach Mich MSA SDS Helmet in this list of the best tactical helmets.

The ECH or Enhanced Combat Helmet will eventually replace the ACH helmets in the military. The ECH helmet is similar to the ACH helmet but is thicker and uses thermoplastic material that provides better protection against small arms and fragments. The ECH has a higher cut and is more “tactical” because it allows for the attachment of night vision and communications.

That’s a Wrap

Now you have seen the best tactical helmets of 2024, it’s time to get to stepping and pick one up.

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