Looking for the best tactical sling bag as your everyday carry bag or as a concealed carry bag?

Nothing beats a sling for a concealed carry weapon bag!

A sling bag allows you to quickly and easily pull or “sling” the bag up front, with only one hand, and access your weapon or other essentials. You can’t do that with a backpack, and that is the advantage of a sling bag.

So, are you ready to see the best tactical sling bags of 2022? Here they are, in no particular order.

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TOP 13 Best Tactical Sling Bags of 2022

5.11 Tactical Push Pack

The 5.11 Tactical push pack sling is a small sling bag for first responders and those on patrol.

This sling bag is designed for front carry or back carry and the size of the bag makes it the right fit for a pistol with some ammo, and a few other essentials.

It’s an excellent compact concealed carry gear bag for those who do not want or need a larger bag.


  • Expandable water bottle holder.
  • Great size for concealed carry pistol – nice and compact.
  • 1050D weather-resistant nylon.


  • The sling pouches are too small to carry anything.


Perfect compact sling bag for a concealed carry pistol for roving, patrolling and moving about.

Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger

The Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger is a well thought out concealed weapon sling bag.

The concealed carry pocket is on the back, so it will not be visible to the world, and when you slide the bag around to your chest, the CCW compartment is in easy reach.

The bag also has several features you do not always see on other tactical sling bags like the buckle is an emergency whistle, the front pocket is a security pocket, challenging to steal from, and the bag has a rather large water bottle holder.


  • Concealed carry compartment on the back, easy to slide bag to front and access.
  • Plenty of Molle for extra packs and customization.
  • Front security pocket for valuables and important documents.
  • Large water bottle holder.


  • The hydration port on the CCW pouch is too big and small items can fall out.


Overall, a very useful and well thought out tactical gear sling bag. The best tactical sling backpack in this lineup.

5.11 Rush Moab 10 Tactical Sling Bag

This classic sling bag is a high quality, durable sling bag. It’s got lots of molle webbing and great internal organization including many pouches, several key and flashlight clips, zippered pockets, and more.

And the best feature of this sling bag?

Between the front pocket and main compartment, there is a hidden compartment accessed by a Velcro tab. This middle compartment is not visible from the front or back and is a great place for a concealed carry.


  • Made from 1050 Denier Cordura nylon.
  • Molle webbing throughout’ add packs and make it your own.
  • 5 x 8-inch front pocket.
  • Quality YKK Zippers.
  • Ambidextrous strap can switch sides easily.


  • No water bottle holder, But you can attach a molle water bottle holder (sold separately).


High quality, excellent organization with plenty of molle webbing, overall, a great tactical sling bag.

Hazard 4 Grayman Plan-B Light Go-Bag

The Greyman Plan B is the tactical bag that helps you blend in with everyday people. This tactical backpack has all the features you need, without a look that makes you stand out.

It has a strap that can be changed for left or right-hand carry, it’s easy to slide this bag to the front for a front carry or slide it under your arm and access it from a horizontal position to easily access your stud.

The main compartment has an adjustable divider and is padded, perfect for your concealed carry weapon.

The Greyman Plan B version has minimal Molle, so the tactical aspect is subdued and it fits in urban environments seamlessly.


  • Quick-release buckle on strap.
  • Adjustable divider on main compartment.
  • Divider is removable for larger weapons and mags.
  • Molle on carry strap, but no place else.
  • Compression straps to make it compact.


  • Internal organization pockets within the front pocket are small.


Perfect low key concealed carry sling bag for every day carry. Best tactical sling pack for discreet concealed carry of large firearms.

Hazard 4 Grayman Tonto Urban Mini-Messenger

The Hazard 4 Tonto mini messenger is somewhere between a messenger bag and a sling bag. Like the Greyman Plan B, this is a tactical bag designed to fit into urban environments, so you will not see Molle or other military-looking features on the outside.


On the inside of the bag you will find the concealed carry pouch to carry a small to medium size pistol. This bag is small and compact, so it’s light and not designed to store a ton of gear.

The front pocket has awesome organization for small items, which is nice.

I love how discreet the bag is, no one will suspect that this is a CCW tactical bag.


  • Small and compact tactical sling bag.
  • Excellent organization in the front pouch.
  • Subtle and understated bag, does not look “tactical”.


  • The holster in the CCW area is awkward.


Nice compact, inconspicuous CCW tactical sling bag and my choice for best tactical shoulder bag.

Death Dealer Tactical DDT Assassin Sling Bag

The Death dealer tactical bag Assassin sling bag is an everyday carry sling bag which is about the size of a smallish backpack.

This CCW sling bag is covered in Molle and has a tactical look to it. DDT also makes a less tactical looking CCW bag, the DDT Traveler Urban sling bag, which I also really like. Both bags are awesome, and it just depends on your needs and preferences to decide which is right for you.

I love that the company is vet owned and operated, and that the bags are well built.


  • Concealed carry pocket is discreet, will not print.
  • Large enough to fit a slim laptop.
  • Vet owned and operated company.
  • Secure front pouch.


  • Made in China, but most tactical bags are.


Roomy and well organized EDC tactical sling bag.

3V Gear Outlaw Gear Slinger Shoulder Pack

This medium size Gear Slinger bag by 3V Gear Outlaw is made to access all pockets and CCW in the front position.

This sling bag has lots of nice features including a front compression strap to get the bag more compact, and a stow-able retention strap in the event you need to wear the pack for extended periods, this strap distributes the load a little better.

It also has a front security pocket and the CCW pouch is well padded and will not print.


  • Nice elastic water bottle holder.
  • 15-liter sling bag, medium size.
  • Made from 600D Cordura nylon.
  • Front, side, and strap Molle.
  • Has a laptop holder.


  • There is only the textured back padding between you and your weapon as the CCW pouch is at the back.


Best tactical sling bag for the money, a great value, high quality concealed weapon bag.

Fox Outdoor Products Stinger Sling Bag

This Fox Outdoor Products Stinger sling bag is a small, 8 liter everyday carry bag. It has great organization with 7 inner pockets including zippered pockets and zippered mesh pockets and three external pockets.

My favorite feature is the concealed carry weapon compartment. It is well padded so it will not print, and the universal holster holds your weapon securely.

It’s a great compact sling bag option.


  • Padded CCW compartment with universal holster.
  • Made from 600 D Nylon Cordura Material.
  • Molle webbing all around.
  • Has a waist belt and top carry handle to increase carry options.


  • No water bottle holder.


A small, well organized tactical sling bag with a concealed carry weapon compartment.

Red Rock Outdoor Gear Rover Sling Pack

This Red Rock Rover sling is a smaller sling bag, big enough for your essentials like your CCW a tablet, cell phone, and wallet, as it holds 9 liters. It is light and compact enough to carry as you are out on patrol.

It has three main zippered compartments and plenty of internal organization, including a pocket up top for sunglasses.

I love the padded snap-close concealed weapon pocket because it has a universal holster and you cannot see your gun from the outside. It’s got good organization and the front pocket has room for extra mags, which I appreciate.


  • Padded CCW pocket with snap close.
  • Top pocket is great for sunglasses.
  • Good internal organization.
  • Molle all around to attach packs.


  • There is a Velcro patch for a holster but you need to buy the actual holster.


Best tactical sling bag for the money!

Propper OTS X-Large Tactical Sling Bag

This Propper OTS X-Large tactical sling bag is a hybrid sling/messenger bag. It is designed for rear carry but does not slide up and over like other slings.

The Concealed weapon pouch is in the center, so it’s out of sight from prying eyes.

This sling bag looks less tactical than other tactical sling bags, which I like, although it does have a bit of Molle here and there.


  • Made from heavy-duty 600 D Cordura Nylon.
  • Has a stretch-mesh water bottle.
  • Quick-release buckle.
  • Subdued tactical look.


  • Does not sling to the front like other tactical sling bags.


A good tactical sling bag with a messenger bag look that really hides your CCW.

J.CARP Tactical EDC Sling Bag Pack

The J.Carp Tactical sling is a medium-size sling bag with enough room for your CCW, a laptop, extra mags, and other essentials.

It has a padded snap-close Concealed weapon compartment if you need that for your tactical bag.

The thing I love about this bag is that it is cheap, price-wise, compared to brand name bags. If you don’t want to pay more than 100 dollars for an EDC sling bag, this is your bag.


  • Made from durable 600 D Cordura nylon.
  • 15-liter capacity.
  • Wide spaced Molle.
  • Compression straps to compact it.


  • There is a Velcro patch for a holster but you need to buy the actual holster. A Maxpedition hook and loop concealed carry holster works.


An economical sling bag with room for your concealed weapon and essentials at an unbeatable price.

TRU-SPEC Trek Sling Backpack

This small sling pack is the perfect option for concealed carry of your weapon. It’s only 11 liters, a great size for roving or patrol.

It has 3 options to conceal your weapon, plus elastic storage for your mags.

It easily slings from front to back for quick access.

It can be used on either shoulder and is easy to switch and adjust.


  • 3 options for CCW.
  • Interior elastic to secure mags.
  • 11-liter size, light enough for all-day carry.
  • Padded tablet pocket.


  • May be too small for large tablets.


The BEST small sling for roving and patrol with a concealed weapon.

Allen Tactical Lite Force Tactical Sling Pack

This medium size sling bag is great for CCW and EDC. It is large enough for a laptop, but the padding is not too heavy, so be aware of that. There are several CCW options, one being the front snap security pocket.

This tactical sling bag is easy to sling around front should you need to access your firearm. I also like that this bag is well organized and has plenty of room for your essentials.


  • Security close front pocket, one option for a CCW.
  • Side and top carry handle – a unique feature.
  • Water bottle holder pocket.


  • Southpaws beware! Right-sided sling only.


Reasonably priced mid-size tactical sling bag with several CCW options.

Buying Guide to the Best Tactical Sling Bags

Keep in mind, a tactical sling bag is NOT a tactical backpack, bug out bag, or duffle bag. Tactical sling bags are generals smaller, designed for Everyday Carry and concealed weapon carry, and usually just carry everyday essentials.

Of course, you want to have a bug out bag tactical backpack or tactical duffle bag prepared, just in case. So be sure and check out the best tactical duffle bags and add that to your gear collection.

man showing his military uniform and tactical equipment

Why You Need a Tactical Sling Bag

A larger tactical sling bag can fit more stuff. That’s obvious.

But what may not be as obvious until you are actually wearing the tactical sling bag, is how much the weight of all that stuff, combined with the fact that a sling bag has only one strap, feels to wear.

Now, before you worry about the fact that sling bags only have one strap, consider the huge advantage. Tactical sling bags are designed for concealed weapons carry and easy access to your gear.

With just one strap, you can pull the sling bag up front and easily access the pockets, usually with just one hand.

You cannot do that with a backpack.

Why Smaller is Better when it Comes to Tactical Sling Bags

So consider carefully the size. My advice is to go as small as you can while still being able to stow important gear. The longer you need to wear the bag, the smaller the sling bag should be.

For example…

If you are on patrol or roving and plan to carry the tactical sling bag for hours, you do not want a large bag. Who wants to lug around a laptop and all your other stuff for hours.

If you are going to wear the tactical bag for hours on end, you just want to carry the essentials, like your weapon, mags, keys, wallet, and cell phone. That’s it.

man holding a military tactical backpack

This is also important in situations when you are carrying some more gear. And yes, a sling bag is an option that won’t cause discomfort whether you are wearing a plate carrier or a bulletproof vest.

Do You Want a Tactical Look or do You Want to Blend in?

This can be a preference or a need. It really depends, so think about what you want and need.

Do you want to have a bag with a tactical or military look? Then go FULL MOLLE and get the Red Rock Outdoor Gear Rover Sling Pack in Woodland Digital Camo. Camo and tactical looking gear have a place and use, that’s for sure.


If you need to be more subtle, fit into the environment, and don’t want folks to think you are military, or that you are carrying, then a bag that has an urban, non-tactical look like the Grayman Plan-B Light Go-Bag Sling Pack will fit in, has clean lines, and looks sharp, not tactical.

Keep in mind, the less tactical looking bags are made with less tactical fabrics and might be less durable, so you need to treat them accordingly.

black tactical sling backpack with everyday carry items

Tactical Sling Bag FAQs

How do you wear a tactical sling bag?

A tactical sling bag is worn over your neck with the strap on the shoulder on the side of your dominant hand. The pack sits on your back.

If your tactical sling bag has a belt or something similar, this is used to distribute the weight so the bag is more comfortable to wear. My opinion is you should not need or use this belt?


Because a sling is designed to sling around you so it can be positioned at your chest making the contents easy to access.

The belt prevents you from sliding the bag under and up to your chest, defeating the purpose of a sling bag in the first place. But that’s just my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt.

Why buy a tactical sling bag instead of a tactical backpack?

The best feature of a sling bag is the ability to QUICKLY sling it around from your back to your chest and access the contents of the bag using only one hand in necessary.

Since you cannot quickly and easily sling a backpack, especially if you are wearing both straps. And the backpack will not sit stationary at your chest, making it a pain to access the contents. Generally, with a backpack, you need to set it somewhere to get into it.


Backpacks have their place. If you need to carry a lot of gear for an extended amount of time, backpacks are superior.

If you have not picked up a tactical backpack, be sure and see this collection of the best tactical backpacks on the market today.

What is the best large tactical sling bag?

My favorite LARGE tactical sling bag is the Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger.

It’s called Gearslinger for a reason, it carries up to 15 liters of gear.

It’s durable as all get-out because it’s made from 1000 Denier Cordura nylon and has YKK zippers. It has tons of compartments and organization, too.

The best part about this bag?

It has lockable zippers on the CCW compartment and it’s big enough to hold large pistols. If you have a large gun, you need a large tactical sling bag.

What is the best small tactical sling bag?

I am a big fan of small sling bags because they are compact, out of the way, easy to access, and comfortable to wear.

My personal favorite is the 5.11 Tactical Push Pack. This small tactical sling bag only holds 6 liters max, but it’s just as durable as the others thanks to 1050 Denier Cordura nylon and YKK zippers.

Despite its small size, it’s perfect for a CCW, extra Mags, and even has a water bottle holder. Great for responders, rovers, and those on patrol.

Article Summary

I hope you found the perfect pack in my list of the 13 best tactical sling bags of 2022.

While you are here, why not check out the best tactical jackets to round out your gear collection?

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