If your body armor, tactical vest, or bulky gear loadout has you gunning for a drop leg holster, you are in the right place.

Here is a list of the 9 best drop leg holsters for law enforcement, folks who wear body armor, and those who patrol by vehicle.

I also include a few less expensive holsters for the gun range and airsoft, plus a drop leg holster buying guide.

Let’s get right to it!

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TOP 9 Best Drop Leg Holsters for 2022

Safariland 6304 ALS Tactical Leg Holster

The Safariland drop leg holster is a Level 3 retention holster perfect for law enforcement requirements.

It has two leg straps, stays secure, and is comfortable, and will not ride up. The retention is good, it secures your piece without making it a pain to draw.


  • Level 3 retention with ALS.
  • Double leg straps are rubberized so they won’t ride.
  • Drop length is adjustable.
  • Popular – issued for many law enforcement officers.
  • Can switch the holster on the drop leg system if you switch guns.


  • Pricy.


Best drop leg holster for level 3 retention and law enforcement officers.

Blackhawk Serpa Level 2 Tactical Holster

The Blackhawk Serpa Tactical holster is a favorite for a reason. It holds your 1911 secure and the drop leg holster does not move or shift. It is an excellent positive locking holster.

The Serpa has two belt straps forming a Y harness that balance the weight, keep your gun vertical when you kneel, and allow you to use your pocket space.

If you want a holster you can trust with retention that keeps your pistol in place, this is it.


  • Adjustable length straps to shorten the drop.
  • This model is for Colt 1911 & clones (other models also available).
  • Y Harness keeps the gun vertical when kneeling and allows you to use your pocket.
  • Rubberized non-slip straps.
  • Extra mag holder.


  • Says it fits a gun with rails, but the fit is too tight with rails.


Best drop leg holster for 1911, excellent retention, and secure fit.

CYTAC Drop Leg Platform + CYTAC OWB Holster

The modular Cytac drop leg platform can be used with any YTAC holster (link to Amazon.com) making it quite versatile. The holster is a quick draw holster and retains the gun until the button is pressed.

This modular holder comes with three mounting points where you can mount any R-defender holster, double mag pouch, flashlight holder, or handcuff pouch.

This drop leg setup is popular with MilSim, law enforcement, and military loadouts.


  • Adjustable elastic leg belts are comfortable and secure.
  • Inexpensive setup.
  • Modular, which several config options.


  • Must purchase two items, the holster and the drop leg platform.


Best tactical leg holster for a cheap thigh rig setup.

Orpaz Gun Drop Leg Gun Holster

The Orpaz drop leg holster features passive retention with a thumb release, making it level two retention, perfect for military and some law enforcement applications.

The passive retention is adjustable and keeps the gun secure without shifting around in the holster. The thumb release works beautifully and the gun slides into the holster smoothly.

You will not find a better drop leg holster at this price.


  • Thumb release.
  • Great thigh holster for the price.
  • Passive retention + thumb release, level 2 retention.


  • No holsters for Berettas, P80 or G17 guns.


Best combat holster for the money; rides right, and the thumb release works seamlessly.

Safariland 6005 Glock Drop Leg Holster

You are going to love Safariland drop holsters, they live up to their reputation. This model is for the Glock 19,23 and 26 and is worn with a 2.25 inch belt.

The leg straps are comfortable and silicone lines so they won’t slip.

The SLS Secure lock system holds your gun snug with just the right amount of retention. I like the hood, which comes standard on the 6005 model as it discourages a grab at your gun and the hood does not get in the way of your draw.


  • SLS Self Locking System for a smooth and secure draw.
  • Suede lining protects the gun finish.
  • Leg straps feature silicone strips for non-slip traction.
  • Hood guard discourages gun takeaway.


  • Expensive.


Safariland makes some of the best thigh rigs around and this 6005 model is highly recommended for duty or personal use.

OWB Kydex Glock Holster

This low priced OWB Kydex holster sits on your belt and allows for a small drop between your waist and the gun, but the drop is adjustable.

This holster has level 1 retention, making it easy to draw, perfect for airsoft and civilians.

It is one of the best drop leg holsters for the price.


  • Lightweight, under 100g.
  • Level one, easy to holster and draw.
  • Very affordable.


  • Will not fit a gun with a light or laser.


Excellent level 1 holster for the price point, perfect for airsoft, and when more stringent retention is not needed.

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Alien Gear ShapeShift Drop Leg Holster

The shapeshift Alien Gear drop leg holster is modular, meaning it is compatible with the holster and Alien Gear mag holder.

It has a Y Harness that balances the load and keeps the harness in place as you move, especially while sitting.

The holster it comes with has a thumb retention trigger that sits between the gun and your thigh so your gun is secure and hard to take away.

The ShapeShift system allows you to switch between holster platforms by purchasing an Expansion Pack to switch in seconds.


  • Adjustable cant angle.
  • Adjustable height drop.
  • Can easily switch holsters.
  • Holds 2 mag carriers + gun, or 4 mag carriers with no gun.
  • Made in the USA.


  • Extended shipping times.


An excellent, well balanced, stable thigh rig that secures your gun at the perfect height and allows for mag attachment too.

G-CODE Mule Leg Panel + G-CODE XST RTI Holster

The G-Code Mule is an intermediate suspension platform designed to be used with any G-Code RTI holster G-Code RTI holster (link to Amazon.com).

This system sits a little higher than a traditional drop leg holster, while still keeping your gun a bit below the belt.

The system is reasonably priced, made in the USA, and with the number of holster options, there is one for everyone.


  • Made in the USA.
  • Affordably priced.
  • High riding holster system.


  • Must buy holster separately.


Best high riding drop leg holster system for the price.

Safariland Drop Flex Adapter

The Safariland Drop Flex adapter allows your piece to sit below the belt, without being too low. It rides higher than a traditional drop leg holster, but it has some of the same benefits, such as allowing the holster to clear your body armor and putting the gun in a better draw position.

The Flex adaptor has one leg strap and no top strap as the adaptor threads through your duty belt.

It is popular with law enforcement and can be used with any Safariland holster.

This style holster allows you to sit easily and is a popular alternative to lower drop leg holsters.


  • Threads through your duty belt.
  • Places your gun a few inches below your belt.
  • Attaches to all Safariland duty holsters.


  • Use a stiff belt, like a tactical rigger belt, for best performance.


An extremely popular alternative to a drop leg holster for law enforcement.

Drop Leg Holsters: Some Things to Keep in Mind When You Buy Them

gun hidden in tactical holster hanging on a soldiers leg

Retention Level of the Holster

Retention matters! Choose your holster retention level carefully, and understand what each level means before you buy.

Here is a breakdown of level, I, II & III level retention:

Level I Retention

Level 1 is passive retention only. Passive retention means the resistance or contact between the holster and gun are what keep the gun in place.

Many concealed carry holsters have level one resistance because they are concealed, so there is less chance of them being taken away from you.

Level one retention should only give up the gun if the gun is drawn from the correct angle, to prevent takeaway.

There is a fine line between a holster that will not give up the piece and one that is usable, so be sure the passive retention is not too tight.

It’s my opinion that the only time you should use level 1 resistance for a drop leg holster is during sport, like at the range, or playing airsoft, where you are not as concerned with the gun being snatched from you.

Level II Retention

Level two retention includes passive retention described above and an active retention device.

A thumb break, hammer loop, and trigger guard that lock the gun in place are examples of active retention.

Level II and especially level II described below are what law enforcement officers use.

Level III Retention

A level III retention holster has passive retention and TWO active retention devices.

Safariland makes holsters used by many law enforcement departments. Their Safariland 6304 ALS Tactical Leg Holster is an example of a holster with level III retention. Some departments require level III retention to prevent negligent discharge or takeaway.

man wearing tactical camouflage and pointing his airsoft pistol


Tactical drop leg holsters come in either cloth/nylon or hardshell.

I prefer the hardshell, and here is why.


Hardshell drop leg holsters have superior retention to cloth and nylon holsters and are way easier to draw. There is really no competition here, and that’s why all the holsters on this list are hard shell.

You need proper retention so you do not lose your gun or have it taken from you. And it must be fast to draw, or bang, you are dead.


About the only benefit of a cloth or nylon holster is they are less expensive than hard shell holsters, but still, your gun and your life are worth the investment of a hard shell holster.

Drop Height

The drop height is the distance between your belt and the holster height. A drop leg holster usually employs a strap or two that attach from your duty belt to the holster attachment.

There are drop leg holsters that have an adjustable height, so you can wear it at a length that is comfortable for you. The Blackhawk Serpa Tactical Holster has an adjustable drop height, as do others on this list.

If you like a really short drop, so your gun sits just a few inches below the belt, there are drop leg holster alternatives. These give you the benefits of carrying near your hip while keeping the holster out of the way of body armor. The Safariland Drop Flex Adapter is a perfect example!

Check the Leg Straps of Your Drop Leg Holster

Along with the drop height of your drop leg holster, you want to check out the leg straps.

Ideally, they need to have some stretch or elastic to them to get a good fit. It’s also good if they have silicone or rubber grips because they help the straps stay in place.

If it’s a holster designed to ride high, one leg strap is fine. If you wear the holster further down your thigh, look for a drop leg holster with two straps.

man holding airsoft pistol in hands

Drop Leg Holster FAQs

What is the purpose of a drop leg holster?

There are a few situations where a drop leg holster or thigh rig is the right choice.

Law Enforcement and SWAT

If you wear body armor, especially side body armor or full body armor, you need your holster to clear your armor. The tactical vest that holds the armor can get in the way of a quick draw if the gun is on your hip.

This is why many law enforcement officers use drop leg holsters because it gets the gun low enough to clear their kit.


Drop leg holsters are also popular for playing airsoft where players may be wearing a tactical chest rig that makes carrying a pistol at the hip inconvenient.

Are drop leg holsters good?

Drop leg holster for body armor and tactical vests – drop leg holsters are good if you are wearing full gear. If you use plates, pouches, a chest rig, or a tactical vest complete with body armor, drawing your gun from a hip holster is going to be challenging.

A drop leg holster gets the gun down low enough to clear your gear and body armor.

Drop leg holster for an easy draw in a seated position – drop leg holsters are also good if you are on patrol and find yourself in a seated position a lot. Trying to draw your gun from a waist holster is challenging. The gun can get caught up in your seatbelt or plate carrier. In a seated position, it’s easier to draw your gun from a drop leg holster.

What is the best drop leg holster?

In my opinion, the best drop leg holsters are made by Safariland.

I like the Safariland 6304 ALS Tactical Leg Holster. It has an adjustable drop, the holster can be switched out if you change guns and it’s comfortable. There is a reason so many law enforcement officers use Safariland holsters, and it’s because they are the best.

I also really like the Safariland Drop Flex Adapter because it does not drop as low as a traditional drop leg holster, but gets the holster and your gun low enough to draw while wearing body armor.

Drawing to a Close

That wraps up my list of the 9 best drop leg holsters. I hope you found the one you can use.

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I will see YOU out in the Field!